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Thread: Beef Jerky

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    Beef Jerky

    Does the high sodium content in beef jerky make it objectionable?
    Sodium makes you retain water or something, I thought?
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    Way i look at it, you gotta get salt from somewhere... most of our diets are pretty clean besides that so having a high salt snack like beef jerky once a day doesnt seem like adeal breaker to me... unless youre already eating a decent amount of salt

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    I snack on it at work. I figure it's better than the cakes and candy the other people snack on.

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    As much as I love beef jerky, there are better snacks with less sodium. I usually try to eat fresh fruit or raw vegetables for a snack. An occasional beef jerky treat is OK but I wouldn't make it a regular occurrence. While it may be better than snack machine foods and soft drinks, it's till not advisable.

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