I've decided that I'm going to lift in my first meet on April 18th in Detroit at the AAPF Raw Nationals. So I've been thinking about how I will train leading into the meet and this is what I have so far. I have 7 weeks left, so I plan on training pretty much as normal for the next 3 weeks. Then for the last 4 weeks I'm thinking of the following:

Week 4: Work up to about 95% of my goal for the meet in all 3 lifts (I plan to open at 90%).

Week 3: 60% for 3 sets of 8 for squat and bench. Speed deads for 10 sets of 1 at 60%.

Week 2: 2-3 sets of singles at about 85%.

Week 1: DE bench and light squats on Tuesday. A couple of light warm-up sets for bench and squat on Saturday at the venue. Gameday on Sunday.

Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.