I have been in and out of many different commercial gyms over the last 10 years or so. I am curious how many people on this board do their pressing movements 90 degrees or less? Basically, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS see people benching, DB pressing, OH pressing, etc. and only going down until their lower and upper arm hit 90 degrees(or sometimes even less) and then press back up. Some of these people are total newbs, some don't look like anything impressive and yet others are older lifters who have obviously put their time in and some that are just completely yoked up. I realize there is a million different ways to train and perform exercises, but what is everyone's motivation for doing this...other than the ego boost? It's funny when people say they bench or press "XXX" amount of weight and yet it is like they are doing a rack lockout or board press. Also, keep squats out of this thread, I could go on and on for days about what I have seen with those in the gyms I have been to. This is about upper body movements only.