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Thread: are longer or more tabata intervals beneficial?

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    are longer or more tabata intervals beneficial?

    My work capacity has dramatically increased these days. I am thinking of increasing the tabata in one of 3 ways:
    -longer than 20 second intervals
    -more intervals than 8
    -doing 2 separate tabatas back to back with a rest period in between.

    is this more beneficial than just normal 20/10 4 minute and if so which one would be best for fat loss and/or conditioning

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    Longer intervals would no longer be Tabata.

    That said, just do more of them. I think this came up elsewhere very recently but I can't remember where.
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    ok well regardless of what its called, i was just wondering if more = better or if it was set up in such a way that it avoids overtraining or going into the muscle burning range
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    Why not go with heavier Tabatas? The original Tabata research showed that they were effective because of the level of intensity. A longer than 20 second interval would indicate that there was a decrease in intensity (a heavy enough weight will LIMIT you to twenty seconds). More intervals than eight or two series of Tabatas would probably not have a greater metabolic/fat burning effect. Is fat burning your goal? If so, then those two adjustments would not help you. Is extreme strength endurance or MMA-type conditioning your goal? in that case, those two (more than eight intervals or more than one series) might be a good idea.

    I would recommend doing more frequent Tabatas (i.e. six days a week, incorporating a different exercise). If you build up to using 225 for front squats one day and 60-pound dumbbells for power cleans the next and the same weight for squat thrusts the third, you would be in pretty deadly condition.

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    What tabata workout are you doing, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-up, Air Squats? You can try adding a weight vest, maybe 20lbs and then go up from there. Don't mess with the interval times, because as stated above by the others, it would no longer be Tabata.

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    ok thanks for the replys, I realize that unless its the exact protocol its no longer tabata. I guess what my question is, does altering it to make it longer make it more beneficial? So far the answer seems to be no.

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    Context. It all depends on goals and need. I don't think there's anything necessarily magical about :20 on, :10 off x 8. It's an interval. Modify as you see fit.
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