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Thread: Highschool linemen trying to improve

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    Highschool linemen trying to improve

    Hey, Im in 10th grade going into the 11th for my 2010 football season. I am 6'2 and 250lbs, i have lost about 15 lbs while working with the school i am now attending. I bench around 200 and squat about 225, i can dead lift around 275. I have only been working out for about 3 weeks and i have improved a lot but with summer coming soon and summer workouts almost here i want to get a nice routine going so that i can build my strength back up and get some of my speed. If this is in the wrong section please direct me to the right one, any advice is welcome thanks,
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    Read through the Joe Defranco articles at the top of this forum and you'll find some great stuff to get you started.

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