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Thread: What degrees do you people have?

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    May 2005
    BS in electrical engineering with a math minor.
    Nick V

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    May 2006
    South Beach
    B.S. Microbiology
    PhD Microbiology
    Postdoctoral Cancer Biology
    Height: 6' weight:197
    BF%: ~12%?

    bench: 280 x 1
    squat: 370 x 1
    dead: 360 x 1

    goal: 225 @ < 10% bodyfat

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    Mar 2009
    North Dakota
    BA in Criminal Justice
    BW 210 HT 6'
    BP 315x4 365x1
    S 315x6
    DL 405x5

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    London U.K
    BA in philosophy

    Currently studying for my MBBS (medicine)

    Quite a change I know.

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    BSBA in Finance
    Currently getting my MBA in Finance. Depending on how crazy I am I might dual major in accounting.
    My Journal

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    "you're an animal eat like one damn it!" - Wikked1

    "Now we're finally getting to the chicken or the egg question," I grinned. "Did I eat all that food because my size gives me more of an appetite, or did I get to be this big because I've been forcing myself to eat like this for years?"

    From A Body Builder is Born

    i knew you were a beast but not that kinda of a beast that eats grown men and children.. lilmase

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    Virginia Beach, VA
    BA in Psychology
    Master of Divinity
    Hope to begin working on a Phd sometime in the near future. Probably when I get the last two kids through college.
    Working on getting stronger in body, mind and soul.

    1Co 9:27 But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified

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    Two more classes and I'll have a BA in physics (we don't offer a BS at uchicago). Hopefully I'll complete a minor in English and creative writing.
    Stats: 11/15/07-First-meet--2nd Meet----3rd meet
    Weight: 185-----187---------198---------198
    Max Bench: 255---220-----------280------300
    Max Squat: 405----395----------440------460
    Max Dead:475-----485----------551------570
    CHINUPS - Bodyweight + 135, x1, dead hang. Still working on the one arm chinup.

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    BS in Mathematics with a physics minor.
    Most people pray for a lighter load in life...ever thought of praying for a stronger back?

    Goals as of 2/08/11 (current) goal:
    Squat: (505) 535, Deadlift: (475) 500, Bench: (325) 350 Total: 1305 (1385)
    BW: 225 as of 02/01/2011 Goal: 205 by May 1, 2011

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    At a slight angle to the universe
    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMonkey View Post
    Its a bit more than that. No one is idolizing anyone and this shows a misunderstanding of what is going on in postmodernism.

    I want to be a serious writer and contributor in the coming academic and social movement. Some call it postsecularism, postderridian, postheideggerian etc... but to this end, we must come to grips with what has been done to English, Religion and Philosophy in the postmodern period if we are to continue to grow and understand the phenomena that is taking place and will be taking place. Critical theory and continental philosophy are not things to be understood like history (although I realize history is more than this)... they are the tools we need, as a community, as scholars, to jump to the next platform, as it were. A scholar in today's society needs to be able to come to grips with continental philosophy because it has formed the period we are currently working in and is the ladder rung we need to continue thought. If we cannot understand that then we will be lost in the wash when it comes to working with materials that have formed western thought (The Bible, Platonic Canon, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Teh Ching, Aristotle, Pre-Socratics, Cicero, St. Augustine, Quintilian, Shakespeare, Derrida, Heidegger, Nietzsche etc...) and thereby be out of time and arbitrary.

    I realize you did not prod expecting this kind of answer but I felt a need to justify my position after reading your response.
    You know what? I'm bored, so I'm actually going to reply to this.

    My problem with critical theory is that it emphasizes the secondary, and not the primary. I would rather read Shakespeare, and look at Picasso than read Badiou or listen to Derrida. I study art and literature to quite a high level and I take much more from the artist's works than from the theorists who try and chip in later. Staring at the century's greatest works of art, or reading Keats, Baudelaire, or Eliot makes me reflect on the world around me and my place within it. I am filled with a sense of their genius and their position as unique human beings. Critical theory on the other hand is like entering a Borgesian labyrinth of mirrors where things endlessly reflect themselves yet paradoxically remain quite dull at the end of it. Obviously I don't know you, but I've also noticed that the people who solely study critical theory often end up quite boring people. I'm just making generalisations and you probably don't fall into this camp, but sometimes they are the people who weren't very good at English Literature so ended up doing philosophy/crit. theory. Creative, progressive thinking interests me, not going round in circles.

    The masters I'm doing is actually based on theories and interpretations so I have a reasonable working knowledge of them. However, they are just tools, and to concentrate on them is to mistake the scaffolding for the object. It's almost a mystical thing, mistaking the ego's outer layers for the essence within.

    Basically I would rather read an article by an art historian with a knowledge of continental philosophy, than a professor of continental philosophy trying to write on art. Those kind of articles are never very good. Yes, it makes you an "informed academic" - and I know some very smart people going down the critical theory route - but its essentially tossing off to someone else's intellectualism. It's separatist and not very engaging.

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    Mar 2009
    Undergrad in Business
    Master in Education

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    May 2003
    PHD in mackin on ho's .
    Give me your broken , give me your beaten ... I will build them up , I will lead them ... to the threshhold . Make you stronger , make you believe .

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    BS in Exercise Science, working on PA-C
    U.S. Army Infantry
    Eastern Michigan University Eagle

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    B.S. in Geography

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    Ocala, FL
    B.S. In psychology.

    Starting my MD in medical next year,
    Then back to school for Psychiatry

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