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Thread: My arm routine.

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    My arm routine.

    Ok, I am sorry I haven't been on this forum in order to answer questions about my routine, I was assuming they would be addressed to me in the training forum, my bad. I need to make a few things clear, so please read carefully if you wish to try the routine.

    The big arm routine is a specialized routine. This is to say that it has a very specific goal, big arms. It is not meant to increase the size of your chest, legs or back. That is a nice side effect, but not the primary goal. If you maintain the current size of your other body parts, but add 1/2" to your arms, the routine would be successful.

    This routine cannot be combined or included with other routines, the effect will be ruined. This routine is so intense, so hard on the body, that it dictates that a bare minimum of training is allocated to the rest of the body. I have given you the entire routine in the article, if you want to try it, follow it exactly. If you have a question about substituting an exercise, please address it to me here.

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    Nice post chris, I think that this should clear some things up on your arm routine.



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