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Thread: Bulk Strength [1-10-10] - [4-3-10]

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    Bulk Strength [1-10-10] - [4-3-10]

    This journal is regarding the strength and size progress over a 12 week timeline following a routine that was created by Tom Mustaffis. The focus of this period of time is to gain as much muscle and strength in preparation for the summer.

    Background Information:
    I have been working out for almost a year and a half at the beginning of this journal. I started out with the following:

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 145lbs

    Neck: 14"
    Chest: 35"
    Arms: 10"
    Waist: 28"
    Quads: 18"
    Calves: 14"
    Fore-arms: 9"

    As of the beginning of this program:

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 200lbs

    Neck: 16"
    Chest: 43"
    Arms: 14 1/2"
    Waist: 35"
    Quads: 25"
    Calves: 16"

    I have been bulking since September 01 at around 185-188lbs after a mini-cut.

    Routine And Goals
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Chest / Pressing
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Lower Body
    Friday: Biceps / Triceps
    Saturday: Shoulders
    Sunday: Rest
    Specific Workouts:

    Chest / Pressing:
    - Bench Press - 5/3/1 Protocol
    Final Goal: 205, 225, 245
    - Decline DB Press (2 sets of 5 reps)
    Final Goal: 85lbs
    - Incline DB Bench Press (3 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 75-85-80
    - DB or Cable Flyes (2 sets of 10 reps)
    - Machine Press (Hammer, etc.) (1 set of 25 reps, cluster set)

    - Chins / Weighted Chins (3 Sets)
    Final Goal: 15 Reps
    - One-Arm DB Rows (3 Sets of 5-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 90,100,90
    - Tbar Row (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 180lbs
    - Close Grip Pulldown (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 15
    - Seated Rows (2 Sets of 10-15 reps)
    Final Goal: 12

    - Squat - 5/3/1 Protocol
    Final Goal: 255, 275, 315
    - Deadlift - (3 Sets of 3-5 reps) - Alternate every other week.
    Final Goal: 315x5
    - Leg Press - (2 Sets of 5-15)
    Final Goal: 6x Plates
    - DB or BB Lunges (2 Sets of 5-8 reps)
    Final Goal: Not sure
    - Leg Extension / Leg Curl: (2) sets of 10-15 reps each
    Final Goal: Not sure
    - Calf Raises [On Leg Press] (3 Sets of 10-25 reps)
    Final Goal: Not sure

    Biceps / Triceps:
    - Bench Dips or Parallel Dips (3 Sets of 5-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 90lbs
    - BB Curls (3 Sets of 5-8 reps)
    Final Goal: 115lbs
    - Overhead BB/DB Extensions (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 45lbs
    - Hammer Curls (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 45lbs
    - Pushdowns (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 15
    - Concentration Curls (2 Sets of 8-10 reps)
    Final Goal: 45lbs
    - Rope Pushdowns (1 Set of 50 reps)
    Final Goal: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

    - Loaded Plates Military Press (3 Sets)
    Final Goal: 175lbs
    - DB Lateral Raises (2 Sets of 8-10 reps, Drop Sets)
    Final Goal: 45lbs
    - Cable Upright Rows (2 Sets of 10-12 reps)
    Final Goal: 10
    - Reverse Pec Deck (1 Set of 15 reps)
    Final Goal: Not sure.
    - Neutral Grip Machine Shoulder Press (1 Cluster set of 25+ reps)
    Final Goal: Not sure
    - Face Pulls / Rotator Work (5 Sets total)
    Final Goal: Not sure

    Around 4.2k a day.

    No specific diet as of yet. I had one but for the time being I am off of it, I just focus on getting a few stuff in and mainly my shakes.

    I plan to begin eating clean again a month out of cutting period then slowly start decreasing my calories by 10% for a steady slow weight loss.

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    [Week 1]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 203lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 2x10, 1x8 Wide Grip Pullups(Body-weight)
    Note: These were tough but felt fine, I failed on the ninth reps of the third set though.
    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(65, 70, 75)
    Note: These felt fine though 75lbs were very tough for me.

    At this point I was debating to do T-Bar rows or BB rows and eventually attempted to do BB rows. I did a two sets of BB rows at 155lbs, then 135lbs and then decided to just do T-Bar rows instead.

    - 2x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns(12)
    - 2x15 Seated Rows(8)

    -Chest Day-

    - 5/3/1 BB Bench(185,195,205)
    Note: This was fairly sketchy as the 2nd and 3rd set felt easier than the first set.

    - 2x10 Declined DB Bench(65lbs)
    - 3x10 Inclined DB Bench(55,60,65lbs)
    - 2x10 DB Flies(30lbs)

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: I didn't do this correctly due to not exactly knowing how to this workout.

    -Leg Day-

    - 5/3/1 Squats(205, 215, 225)
    Note: This felt alright but could have felt better.

    - 3x5 Squats(225lbs)
    Note: Was fairly light but I was mainly working on my form.

    - 2x8 Leg Press(4x Plates)
    Note: Felt a lot tougher than the 4x8 sets I did before with that weight.

    - 2x10 DB Lunge(45lbs)
    Note: First time I have done that exercise so I went fairly low in weight, the exercise felt pretty weird to me nonetheless.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)

    -Arms Day-

    - 1x10 Dips(Bodyweight), 2x10,8 Dips(45lbs)
    Note: Dips were pretty tough, I decided to warm up with bodyweight before going with the 45lb plates.

    - 3x10 BB Curls(70lbs)
    Note: Felt extremely easy, my arms felt really well on this exercise.

    -1x10 Overhead DB Extension(55lbs)
    -1x8 Skullcrusher(70lbs)
    Note: I didn't like how the overhead db extension felt on my shoulder so I tried the skullcrusher exercise next, I also didn't care for it much either.

    - 2x12 Hammer Curls(30lbs)
    - 2x10 Pushdowns(10)
    - 2x8 Conc. Curls(30lbs)
    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(6)

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x8 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs Per Side)
    Note: This was a pretty tough lift for my shoulders.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(30lbs)
    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(6)
    - 1x15 Reverse Pec Dec(Unknown)
    - 1 Cluster Set of 25 Neutral Grip Overhead Press Machine(Unknown)
    - 5x Face Pulls(Unknown)
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    Week 2

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 204lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 3x10 Wide Grip Pullups(Body-weight)
    Note: Pullups felt better than last week but were still fairly tough.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(70, 75, 80)
    Note: Focusing on moving up in weight on these, 80lbs felt pretty tough, especially for my left arm which is a little weaker than my right.

    - 2x10 T-Bar Rows(115lbs)
    Note: These felt pretty good, I worked with a wider grip this time around.

    - 2x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns(12)
    - 2x15 Seated Rows(10)
    Note: Moved up in weight on the seated rows, was tough but felt solid.

    -Chest Day-

    - 5/3/1 BB Bench(195,205,215)
    Note: Felt pretty tough, but manageable, really need to focus on gaining strength in this area.

    - 2x10 Declined DB Bench(70lbs)
    - 3x10 Inclined DB Bench(60,65,65lbs)
    - 2x10 DB Flies(35lbs)

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: Did this correctly, felt really good and didn't have any real trouble until the last two sets(Of 5)

    [Forgot To Do Legs]

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x10,8 Dips(45lbs)
    Note: Dips went great as 45lbs was tough but felt pretty good.

    - 2x10, 1x8 BB Curls(90lbs)
    Note: I went up 20lbs on bb curls today, curls felt extremely good with only failing on the 8th rep on the last set.

    -1x10 Overhead DB Extension(65lbs)
    -2x10 One-arm Overhead DB Tricep Extension(30lbs, 35lbs)
    Note: I still didn't like Overhead db extension, so I did two sets of one-arm triceps extensions instead which felt alot better.

    - 2x12 Hammer Curls(35lbs, 40lbs)
    - 2x10 Pushdowns(12)
    - 2x8 Conc. Curls(35lbs, 40lbs(a few rep), 35lbs(a few reps))
    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,8,6,6,6)
    Note: I went up in weight on all of the above exercises, hammer curls were done with 40lbs which felt great, Pushdowns went even heavier, I did 35lbs on the concentration curls for the first set which was tough, then tried to do 40lbs, I could only do a few reps so immediately when I failed, I picked up the 35lbs and attempted to finish out the set with that. The cluster set was extremely enduring.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 1x8 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(150lbs Per Side), 2x10 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs Per Side)
    Note: I was going to go heavier on the shoulder press which was very tough for the first set, I decided to just continue with the same weight as last week for the remaining two sets.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(40lbs)
    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(8)
    - 1x15 Reverse Pec Dec(90lbs @ inc:10)
    - 1 Cluster Set of 25 Neutral Grip Overhead Press Machine(Unknown)
    - 5x Face Pulls(8)
    Note: I increased the weight on alot of these lifts compared to the previous week, especially as I get use to alot of them.

    To also note, On Wednesday I do a 20-30 minute core routine, including oblique twists, side-leans, fore-arm work, decline crunches, leg raises.
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    [Week 3]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 205lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 2x15, 1x12-13Wide Grip Pullups(Body-weight)
    Note: Was very explosive, felt like a feather, the last set was a bit tougher though, no kipping.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(80, 85, 80)
    Note: I'm really starting to move up in weight on dumbbell rows, hoping to continue progressing at this pace.

    - 2x8 T-Bar Rows(135lbs)
    Note: Wide-grip feels a lot better as far as t-bar rows are concerned.

    - 2x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns(14)
    Note: Decided to go up in weight on these as well, these were very tough to do after everything else.

    - 2x15 Seated Rows(10)
    Note: Still not seeing much of an ease increase in this since I increased the weight from the first week.

    -Chest Day-

    - 5/3/1 BB Bench(205,215,225)
    Note: This was very tough and for this reason I will probably be benching with support from the power rack next week so I don't murder myself.

    - 2x10 Declined DB Bench(75lbs)
    Note: These were noticeably tougher, could feel a good stretch in my left pec in particular.

    - 3x10 Inclined DB Bench(65,70,65lbs)
    - 2x10 DB Flies(40lbs)

    Note: All of these felt pretty good.

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: I didn't do as well on these as I did last week unfortunately, still a solid lift.

    -Leg Day-

    - 5/3/1 Squats(215, 225, 235)
    Note: Felt very good, I am hoping that I increase in strength on these fairly quickly.

    - 2x8 Leg Press(4x Plates 1x25lb plate)
    Note: Felt very tough, may need to work on my foot placement a bit.

    - 2x10 DB Lunge(50lbs)
    Note: I'm getting noticeably better at these but still this is a very diffcult exercise for me to do.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions(100, 120)
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)

    -Arms Day-

    - 2x10,8 Dips(70lbs), 2x10 Dips(45lbs)
    Note: 70lb dips felt extremely tough to do, I also felt it strained my chest alot more than my triceps so my chest may not be strong enough to support that weight just yet, I will probably work up to it in a slower fashion.

    - 2x8 BB Curls(100lbs), 1x10(90lbs)
    Note: 100lbs was noticeable harder but manageable, 90lbs felt really light afterwards.

    - 2x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(35lbs)
    Note: These felt pretty good and went well.

    - 2x12 Hammer Curls(40lbs)
    - 2x10,8 Pushdowns(14)
    - 2x8 Conc. Curls(40lbs, 35)
    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,8,8,6,6)

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 1x10, 1x8, 1x6 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs Per Side, 145lbs Per side)
    Note: This was a pretty tough lift for my shoulders.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(40lbs)
    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(8, 10)
    - 1x15 Rear Flies(110lbs)
    - 2x10 DB Shrugs(100lb)
    - 1x25 Cluster Set(130lbs)
    - 5x8-10 Face Pulls(8)
    - 2x10 BB Shrugs(245lbs)

    Note: Good increase across the board on all of these. Don't really like the feeling of the machine shoulder press.

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    [Week 4]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 209lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 1x8 Pullups(Bodyweight+25lbs), 1x15 Pullups(Bodyweight), 1x10 Pullups(Bodyweight+10lbs)
    Note: I decided since I had achieved my goal of 3x15 on the wide-grip pullups(or fairly close to it), that I would attempt to try weighted pullups, beginning with a 25lb plate, this was actually very hard for the first set and because I wasn't sure of my pullup strength for that(it isn't unusual for me to be stronger the week before), I decided to do a bodyweight set to see if I could do 15x reps, which I could so then I decided to just go less on the additional weight, to 10lbs which wasn't easy but I managed 10 reps.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(85, 90, 80)
    Note: These felt great.

    - 2x8 T-Bar Rows(135lbs)
    Note: 135lbs seems very heavy and somewhat hard to control so reaching my goal of 180lbs could take a while.

    - 2x8 Close-Grip Pulldowns(14)
    Note: These are very tough as well but manageable.

    - 1x15, 1x12 Seated Rows(11,12)
    Note: I did it on 10 for 15 reps fairly easily and decided to go ahead and meet my goal weight for this exercise.

    -Chest Day-

    - 5/3/1 BB Bench(215,225,235)
    Note: 215lbs for 5 felt pretty tough, but 225lbs for 3 wasn't all that bad and I could have possibly done more. 235lbs was pretty hard, even for one rep. Right now I'm trying to focus on my technique, such as tightness.

    - 2x8 Declined DB Bench(80lbs)
    Note: Not a very hard lift at all, I can see more progressing on this front.

    - 3x10 Inclined DB Bench(70,75,70lbs)
    Note: These were pretty tough this time around, and I don't think I've ever gone above 75lbs on inclined db bench before.

    - 2x10 DB Flies(40lbs)

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: I managed to perform better at this, this week around, but nearly caught myself in the same shoulder injury during the 4th set so I couldn't fully extend my arms.

    -Leg Day-

    - 5/3/1 Squats(225, 235, 245)
    Note: These went well, 225lbs was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be. 235lbs was cake and as was 245lbs but I really need to start packing on strength on this exercise because I'm quite behind. Also need to work on form, so I don't good morning the weights up while coming up. May even add a warm up.

    - 2x8 Leg Press(5x Plates)
    Note: Solid lift, need to work on adding strength here as well.

    - 2x10 DB Lunge(55lbs)
    Note: I still really need to work on my form with this exercise and may need to decrease the weight as well.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)

    -Arms Day-

    - 1x10 Dips(45lb plates), 2x10(Bodyweight)
    Note: I pulled or over strained my pectoris minor while doing 70lb weighted dips before, never mind I was also sick this day as well. I'm not really feeling a big pump when doing dips but I do think that it is somewhat targeting a neglected area of chest while doing them.

    - 1x8 BB Curls(100lbs), 2x10(90lbs)
    Note: Was sick and all of my joints were pretty achy, 100lbs wasn't that bad but it hurt my wrists pretty badly in comparison to last week where it didn't hurt at all. 90lbs was pretty solid for the last two sets.

    - 1x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(40lbs)
    - 1x10 Kickbacks(40lbs)
    Note: Both of these felt pretty solid, ofcourse I'm stronger with kickbacks and they were easier.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(45lbs, 40lbs)
    Note: I did hammer curls like a champ with 45lbs, without swinging them upwards. This was also pretty amazing given I was sick and had also been working out my arms a little bit throughout the week at the college gym for a fitness class.

    - 2x10,8 Pushdowns(14, 15)
    Note: These were pretty solid, I should be able to finish off this goal by next friday.

    - 2x8 Conc. Curls(45lbs, 40lbs)
    Note: This was actually pretty good, my right arm could handle the set of 45lbs and 40lbs pretty good with great form, but my left arm wasn't quite ready for 45lbs and just managed with 40lbs, I was also sick so I'm looking forward to see how this goes when Im well.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,8,8,6)
    Note: I decided to even up the strength a bit of these too, coming closer to my goal.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - Didn't do shoulder day due to sickness escalating.

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    Four Week Summary

    This is the four week summary describing all progress that have been made and all changes that will be made accordingly. So to begin the summary:

    Morning Weight
    Start: 203lbs
    End: 209lbs
    Bodyfat: Est 12-13%(Still visible abs)

    Exercise Stats

    Start: 2x10, 1x8(Bodyweight)
    End: 3x15
    Pullups have increased fairly drastically and the final goal for them were met on Week 3, the next term, pullups will be weighted. This was experimented with on Week 4, the suitable weight at the moment being 10lbs, the new goal for pullups will be 3x10 w/ 25lbs added weight; if this is achieved, 3x10 w/ 45lbs added weight.

    DB Rows
    Start: 3x10(65,70,75)
    End: 3x10(85,90,80)
    This is one exercise that I could count on being able to progress each week, but also the exercise which pinpoints a slight weakness in my left arm's stabilization of rowing the heavier dumbbells. if the goal of (90, 100, 90) is met fairly soon, I may focus on a new goal of (100,100,100) and just progressively keep increasing reps.

    Tbar Rows
    Start: 2x8-10(90lbs)
    End: 2x8-10(135lbs)
    This exercise is one of the rougher back exercises as it is more compound than the next exercises. Progress has been somewhat slow with 180lbs looking like a good long-term goal. Stabilizing the weight throughout the lift seems to be the most challenging.

    Lat. Bar Pulldown
    Start: 2x8-10(12)
    End: 2x8-10(14)
    This is another tough exercise which focusing as much on bicep contraction as it does on the back, I am fairly close to the final goal at only 1 plate away but that doesn't make it much easier to reach it as 14 is fairly hard enough. Much of this lift's main strength is going to come from my left arm playing catch-up on the bicep strength, which at 14, its painfully obvious that my left are struggles quite a bit more. This may prove effective in ironing some imbalance there.

    Close-Grip Seated Rows
    Start: 2x10-15(8)
    End: 2x15,12(11,12)
    The goal weight for this has been reached therefore I will mainly focus on the completion of the entire 15 reps, before moving up. A pattern for progress I can see here is moving up in smaller reps 10, to 12, 15, up the weight, 10, to 12, 15, you get the idea.

    BB Flat Bench
    Start: 5/3/1(185,195,205)
    End: 5/3/1(215, 225, 235)
    This is one of the main exercises that I have been focusing on increasing my strength on as my chest is necessarily my most achieving muscle. Progress was achieved at a 10lb rate every week, but as the weight went up it became much harder. The 205/225/245 goal is well into sight now.

    DB Declined Bench
    Start: 2x10(65lbs)
    End: 2x8(80lbs)
    Another lift which has seen a stead 5lb/week progress rate for my chest and hopefully will continue doing that with the final goal weight of 85lb well in sight. If goal weight is met, I may continue to try and progress until I hit 100lbs.

    DB Inclined Bench
    Start: 3x10(55,60,65)
    End: 3x8(70,75,70)
    A much harder lift but has also seen fairly good progress though at a slower pace than the above. The final goal of this exercise may take a while to reach as 75lbs is the highest I've gone on DB Inclined Bench.

    DB Flies
    Start: 2x10(30lbs)
    End: 2x10(40lbs)
    Though a more isolation-type exercise, db flies have also seen fairly good progress.

    Start: 5/3/1(205, 215, 225)
    End: 5/3/1(225,235,245)
    Though the numbers may not prove this, this probably has been the fastest progressing exercise though I missed a week for it. It is also one of the exercises that I need to focus on increasing the weight on fairly quickly and may up the rate of weight increase from the usual 10lb/week that I have been doing for these 5/3/1 lifts.

    Leg Press
    Start: 2x8(4x Plates)
    End: 2x8(5x Plates)
    Been one of the harder exercises to progress on but progress has been made without compromising form, which is the main focus. I view this lift, just as compound as any other.

    DB Lunges
    Start: 2x10(45lb)
    End: 2x10(55lbs)
    The most, awkward of all my leg exercises and an exercise I haven't done before, I need to focus on my form and this may mean decreasing the weight temporarily to perfect it.

    Weighted Dip
    Start:1x10(Bodyweight), 2x10,8(45lbs)
    End: 2x10(70lbs), 1x10(45lbs)
    Dips have progressed very good but I believe I bit off more than that my pectoris minor could chew when I did 70lbs. But I believe once my pulled/overstrained muscle repairs that I can easily do 55lbs for 3x10. If it doesn't repair quick enough, I may temporaily do bench dips to isolate my triceps more. I don't really get a big pump from dips but I do feel that it is nitpicking a weak spot in chest and effectively working my triceps. My chest will need to be stronger before I can think about 90lbs.

    BB Curl
    Start: 3x10-12(70lbs)
    End: 2x8,6(100lbs), 1x10(90lbs)
    BB curls have been increasing very well but the 115lb goal seems like it will take a while to reach as now my focus is going to be cranking as many reps out of 100lbs until I reach 3x10, then increasing the weight.

    One-Armed DB Tricep Extension
    Start: 2x10(30,35lbs)
    End: 2x10(40lbs)
    This is a much smaller isolation lift for my triceps and as such I decided to split the two sets into one set, super setting them with a set of kickbacks. After the goal is reached on this exercise, I may try out alternate versions such as lying tricep extensions.

    Hammer Curls
    Start: 2x12-16(6-8 per hand)(30)
    End: 2x12-16(45,40)
    This lift has increased alot and is showing promise of increasing even more, with good form ofcourse. If the goal weight of 45lbs for both sets is met, I may try continuing the increase the weight or instead of alternating the arms on the lift, curling both arms at the same time.

    Start: 2x8-10(10)
    End: 2x8-10(14, 15)
    Another very large increase in strength on this exercise as the goal weight of 15 is soon to be matched, I will then try the exercise with a v-bar for added difficulty and focus on maxing the lift for that.

    Conc. Curls
    Start: 2x8(30lbs)
    End: 2x8(45,40lbs)
    This exercise also increased alot and also is near the goal weight, though with the higher weight, weakness in my left arm is becoming obvious, this may work in correcting some bicep imbalance. When both arms are able to do the goal weight of 45lbs for both sets in a rep range of 8-10. I may look into switching over to preacher curl with dbs to better focus on isolating my bicep and correcting any strength issues.

    Rope Extensions
    Start: 5x10(6)
    End: 5x10(10,10,8,8,6)
    Another exercise for my triceps which has enjoyed a good strength increase, though the goal weight for this seems far off still at 5x10(10,10,10,10,10). The exercise is enjoying progress every week.

    Loaded Plate Shoulder Press
    Start: 3x8(135lbs)
    End: 1x10(135lbs), 2x8,7(145lbs)
    This exercise has effectively increased in weight but not at the rapid weight of the other main compound exercises.

    Lateral Raises
    Start: 2x8-10(30lbs)
    End: 2x8-10(40lbs)
    This exercise is very close to meeting the goal weight of 45lbs and as such I will probably alternate it to lateral raising both arms at the same time as a added difficulty and focus on progressing from there until I stall out then switch back to single arms.

    Other exercises not mentioned:
    Loaded Plate Inclined Bench Press - 5x5 - I didn't include because of no real strength increase on this machine.

    Leg Curls/Leg Extensions - These have enjoyed strength increases but I usually dont record the weight and focus on what feels right for that day.

    Seated Calve Raises - Due to this only being a set to failure, I generally don't both on increasing strength on it.

    Cable Upright Rows - These increased from 6 to 10 but I didn't bother including them as with face pulls which increased similar, rear pec deck I don't bother checking the weight and focus on what feels right that day.

    Some added exercises that I didn't include because they werent there at the beginning would be db shrugs and bb shrugs which are both done for 2x10 on shoulder day. Progress on them would be 75lbs - 100lbs for db shrugs and 225lbs to 245lbs for bb shrugs.

    No real progress on deadlifts because with the first week being an exception, I've forgotten to do them on the third leg day since deadlifts alternate every two weeks.

    Extra Notes

    Once the bb bench press goal is met, a new routine besides the 5/3/1 will be integrated into the routine. I may need to deload on Week 5 involuntarily due to the sickness. May also replace the 5x5 or 1x25 cluster set on the machine shoulder press with a 1x25 cluster set on the smith machine. Also I am going to alternate between standard bb rows and t-bar rows every week.

    February the bulk will continue, March, the bulk will become cleaner as a more clean and lean food-related diet will be implemented, cutting will start in April an effective 10% reduction in calories of clean food which will continue until a bodyfat of 8% is met.
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    [Week 5]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 204lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 3x10 Wide Grip Pullups(10lbs+)
    Note: This went very well, I believe 10lbs was a good starting weight to begin with this time around and to hopefully progress upon. Though I did weigh less from being sick, my endurance was also hit because of recovering from being sick.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(90, 95, 100)
    Note: I wasn't originally planning to try 100lbs this week around but I felt like pushing myself a bit further on this lift and see if I was capable to do 100lbs, which I was very well. 100lbs felt really nice and I believe I should be able to do all three sets with 100lbs soon enough. This actually broke my goal.

    - 2x8 BB Rows(155lbs)
    Note: First time I've done BB rows since a long time, these were fairly easy and felt good I should progress on these fairly quickly, I set my goal to 225lbs which will be very hard to achieve.

    - 2x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns(14)
    Note: These felt very easy in comparison to how they usually feel weeks before.

    - 2x12 Close-grip Seated Rows(12)
    Note: Met my goal on this lift as well and still seem to have room to progress more and more.

    -Chest Day-

    - 5/3/1 BB Bench(205,225,245)
    Note: 205lbs felt pretty easy for 5 reps, I also decided to try 225lbs for 5 reps which I managed to successfully complete, 245lb's rom was a little sketchy though, I was scared to lower it too much and catch it resting on the safety bars which would make it harder for me to push it back up.

    - 2x6,8 Declined DB Bench(85lbs)
    Note: This was absolutely brutal with 85lbs, the first set was sketchy, alot has to do with stabilizing the weight through the lift and Im also worried about my shoulder buckling under the weight and sustaining another injury to it.

    - 3x8 Inclined DB Bench(75,75,70lbs)
    Note: Same story as above, the higher I go up in weight the more my stabilizing ability in my shoulders and arms seem to be targetted.

    - 2x10 DB Flies(40lbs)
    Note: All of these felt pretty good.

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: I was fairly weak this time around on this cluster set and had to drop the weight down on the last two sets. I also didn't fully extend my arms under caution of not sustaining another shoulder injury. It seems when my arm is fully extended that my right shoulder feels a lot more pressure.

    -Leg Day-
    Felt pretty sick on Leg Day and decided to give a rain check.

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x10 Dips(55lbs)
    Note: 55lbs actually didn't hurt or strain my chest this time around and felt pretty good and I think I may be able to move up in weight next week.

    - 3x8, 7, 6 BB Curls(100lbs)
    Note: I decided to focus on repping out 100lbs as many times as I could between three sets this time around.

    - 1x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(40lbs)
    Note: Felt pretty good but better stabilization and focus on form could be achieved.

    - 1x10 Kickbacks(45lbs)
    Note: These went pretty perfect.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(45lbs)
    Note: 45lb Hammer curls are going great at the moment.

    - 2x10,8 Pushdowns(15)
    Note: These were tough but my goal was met so I will be doing the v-bar next week.

    - 2x8 Conc. Curls(45lbs, 40lbs-L)
    Note: My left arm is starting to show a weakness on this exercise and for this reason I will be doing preacher curls with dumbbells to better isolate the muscle and focus on increasing strength from that approach.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,10,8,8)
    Note: These were pretty tough, I found myself wanting to pushdowns and instead of pulling the ends of the rope apart on the bottom of the lift. Once I meet my goal on this I will try them overhead.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x8 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs Per Side)
    Note: I wasn't capable of throwing up 145lbs this time around but i managed to do three solid sets of 135lbs.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(45lbs, 40lbs)
    Note: 45lbs was noticeably harder but felt fine.

    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(10)
    - 1x15 Rear Flies(125lbs)
    - 5x8-10 Face Pulls(10)
    - 2x10 BB Shrugs(225lbs)
    Note: Felt a bit weaker on this shoulder day but not too bad, especially on the above two lifts. The rear flies were questionable.

    - 1x25 Cluster Set Smith Machine BB Overhead Press(95, 135lbs)
    Note: I mainly played around with this exercise to see how it felt and what weight I could do and how well I could do it.

    Note: Good increase across the board on all of these. Don't really like the feeling of the machine shoulder press.

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    [Week 6]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 206lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 3x10 Wide-Grip Pullups(Bodyweight + 15lbs)
    Note: These felt very nice with 15lbs added to my bodyweight, I can see a steady increase in weight at about 5lbs+ but that may become harder as my body weight fluctuates.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(100lbs)
    Note: I decided to do 100lbs across the board for reps, the last set I could really feel the weight, especially in my left arm, but hopefully this will iron out any symmetrical issues, knocking out any weak spots.

    - 2x8 T-Bar Rows(145lbs, 135lbs)
    Note: I did 145lbs for my first set of T-bar rows and decided to step it down to 135lbs the second set. This is one of my lesser favorite back exercises in which I alternate with bb rows every week.

    - 2x6-8 Close-Grip Pulldowns(15)
    Note: Finally decided to try my goal weight on this exercise and it was alrightish, I didn't feel nearly as strong on this exercise as I did the week before but I was still capable of cranking out 6-8 reps a set.

    - 2x12,10 Seated Rows(13)
    Note: Continuously moving up on this exercise, I may try a different grip this next week, slightly wider but not too wide, but definitely not as close the grip I am using now.

    -Chest Day-

    - 4x8(165,185,205,185)
    Note: These felt really fine though I only got 7 reps out of 205lbs, 165lbs was a ok warm-up but I may just do a set of 135lbsx10 to get the blood flowing in my chest, 185lbs felt pretty easy.

    - 2x6-8 Declined DB Bench(85lbs, 80lbs)
    Note: 85lbs wasn't doing it, this time around unfortunately. I had to step down the weight for the second set, I came to conclusion that I need to step the weight down about 10lbs from this point and then work from that point onwards, deloading myself basically.

    - 3x8,3,5 Inclined DB Bench(70lbs, 75lbs, 70lbs)
    Note: Same case as above, I just was unusually weak on those two lifts, I will probably deload and focus on tension and gradually move up from there. I am also a little extra cautious with really pushing myself to avoid another shoulder injury like before.

    - 2x10 DB Flies(40lbs)

    Note: Felt fine

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(2x Plates 2x25lbs)
    Note: I went down in weight on this lift which seemed to help quite a bit, may move up a bit from this point forward.

    -Leg Day-

    - 5/3/1 Squats(245, 255, 265)
    Note: I may have met my match at this point on squats as this workout was pretty rough doing it ATG. I will be doing a proper 5/3/1 progression routine as follows:

    5/3/1 Squat
    3x5 225lbs FG: 255lbs
    3x3 245lbs FG: 275lbs
    5/3/1 Based off the above.

    - 2x5,8 Leg Press(5 plates, 4 plates)
    Note: 5 plates was pretty rough this day so I stepped it down to 4 plates on the second for a solid set of eight.

    Note: I didn't do lunges because I wasn't feeling it but Im hoping to incorporate it next week. I also forgot to do deadlifts which I will also incorporate next week.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions(100, 130)
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)
    B]Note:[/B] All this felt very fine and went very well.

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x10,10,8 Dips(Bodyweight + 65lbs)
    Note: My chest seemes to have recovered from the 70lbs that I did before, and 65lbs did not bother my chest at all and I performed very well on this lift and went fairly low.

    - 3x8 BB Curls(100lbs)
    Note: 100lbs was pretty tough again but I managed to pull through 3 solid sets of 8 reps.

    - 2x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(45lbs)
    Note: Felt great in my right arm but really targetted some stabilizing problems in my left arm, still felt fine though.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(50lbs, 45lbs)
    Note: 50lbs felt fine as did 45lbs, I will try and increase to 50lbs across the board then step it down and do both arms at the same time to iron out any issues.

    - 2x10,8 V-Bar Pushdowns(12,14)
    Note: I decided to do pushdowns with the v-bar to challenge myself a bit more, starting 3 lower than my highest weight on the two sets of ez bar pushdowns, 12 felt fine so I decided to try 14 which was a fair bit harder,

    - 2x10 Preacher Curl DB's(35lbs, 30lbs - R, 30lbs - L)
    Note: I decided to try a new exercise to replace concentration curls and better isolate my biceps with little to no room for compromising my form. I could do 35lbs with my right arm on the first pretty easily but not so much the second set, my left arm could do 30lbs pretty solid for both sets, this should iron out some symmetrical issues, hoping to develop this exercise to being able to do 45lbs.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,10,8,8)
    Note: This was pretty tough, but I managed to get the reps out throughout the entire cluster set.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x10, Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs)
    Note: I seem to have stalled on this exercise, attempted to do 145lbs but nothing doing, not a problem. It leaves me with two choices, to deload the weight, keep pounding away at this weight until my strength increases or possibly decreases. Or I may just replace the exercise with something different.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(45lbs)
    Note: These were pretty solid but I think I will step down the weight next week and do both arms at the same time and focus on my form.

    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(10)
    Note: I did these with the EZ-bar which was much harder than the rope-extensions but the exercise felt pretty solid and I can see a steady increase over time.

    - 1x15 Rear Flies(130lbs)
    Note: Was tough but fine.

    - 2x10 DB Shrugs(100lb)
    - 1x25 Cluster Set Smith Machine Shoulder Press(135lbs)
    - 5x8-10 Face Pulls(12)
    - 2x10 BB Shrugs(255lbs)

    Note: All of the above felt fine but I should really focus on increasing my strength on the smith machine shoulder press exercise.

    This is my new bench outlook:
    BB Bench Press
    Week 1 - Volume (4-6 sets of 5-8 reps) 165, 185, 205, 185 Final Goal: 185, 205, 215, 205
    Week 2 - Power (3-4 sets of 2-5 reps) 195, 205, 215, 205 Final Goal: 205, 215, 225, 215
    Week 3 - Intensity (work up to a 2-3 RM)
    (2x10(165), 2x8(185), 2x6(205), 2x5(215), 1x3(225), 1x10(175)
    Goal: (2x10(185), 2x8(205), 2x6(225), 2x5(235), 1x3(245), 1x10(185)
    Week 4 - Deload (2-3 sets of 10 with no more than 50% 1RM) 145, Goal: - 175
    Week 5 - Repeat Week 1

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    [Week 7]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 207lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 4x8,8,5,5 Wide-Grip Pullups(Bodyweight + 20lbs)
    Note: These felt pretty tough, I did the last set at five and due to having to wait for some people to finish their use of the bench, I decided to do another set of five. Overall felt fine but noticeably tougher.

    - 3x10 Dumbbell Rows(100lbs)
    Note: These also felt a bit tougher, mainly with my left arm which seemed to have the most trouble with controlling the weight throughout the entire lift.

    - 2x8 BB Rows(165lbs)
    Note: These were pretty easy and surprisingly went very well.

    - 2x8 Close-Grip Pulldowns(15)
    Note: Was easier this time around.

    - 2x12,10 Seated Rows(13)
    Note: Was tough, the movement could have been improved upon.

    -Chest Day-

    - 4x5(195,205,215,205)
    Note: I only managed to do 4 reps on the 215lbs, but the other sets were pretty solid.

    - 2x6-8 Declined DB Bench(75lbs)
    Note: I deloaded on the decline bench this time around. It felt much better and I was able to complete more reps.

    - 3x8,3,5 Inclined DB Bench(65lbs)
    Note: Same case as above.

    - 2x10 DB Flies(40lbs)

    Note: Felt fine

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: I found out the problem with this lift that caused so much issues the past weeks and was able to complete 4x plates as normal.

    -Leg Day-

    - 3x5 Squats(225, 225, 225)
    Note: These worked great, felt a nice pump in my legs. Not too hard but definitely not easy.

    - 2x5,8 Leg Press(4 plates)
    Note: I deloaded to 4 plates this week which actually was pretty easy. Very solid lift.

    - 2x8(Bodyweight, 35lbs)
    Note: I did bodyweight first to get myself into the hang of the movement and balance then added 35lbs and did reps with it, was pretty solid, not easy at all.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions(110, 140)
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)
    B]Note:[/B] All this felt very fine and went very well.

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x10,8,8 Dips(Bodyweight + 75lbs, 90lbs, 90lbs)
    Note: I did 75lbs first which felt pretty good, so I decided to attempt my final goal of 90lbs which went very well.
    - 3x8 BB Curls(110lbs)
    Note: 110lbs for 3x8 went very smooth and nice and only 5lbs shy of my final goal.

    - 1x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(45lbs)
    Note: Felt great in my right arm but really targetted some stabilizing problems in my left arm, still felt fine though.

    - 1x10 Kickbacks(55lbs)
    Note: These felt awesome, though I had a little trouble getting my left arm into the movement with such heavy weight.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(50lbs)
    Note: These went great as well, good pump in my biceps.

    - 2x8 V-Bar Pushdowns(15)
    Note: I managed to max out with the v-bar on this exercise, meeting my new goal.

    - 2x10 Preacher Curl DB's(35lbs Both Arms)
    Note: These were smooth, great pump and really isolated my biceps, I may try to do 40lbs in my right arm next week.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,10,10,10)
    Note: Was tough but I managed 10 for the entire 5 sets.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x8, Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(140lbs)
    Note: Good lift though my arms were extremely weak from the night before.

    - 4x10,8,10,10 Lateral Raises(35lbs - Both arms, 45lbs - Both arms, 45lbs - One arm, 50lbs - One arm)
    Note: Tried both arms at first with 35lbs which was alright, tried 45lbs next which was very tough, then decided that I felt a better contraction doing one-arm lateral raises and heavier.

    - 4x10, 8, 6, 6 Cable Upright Rows(12,13,12,12)
    Note: 12 felt good at first so I decided to try 13, 13 was a little too tough, yet 12 felt pretty tough for two more sets.

    - 1x15 Rear Flies(140lbs)
    Note: Pretty tough

    - 2x12 DB Shrugs(100lb)

    - 1x25 Cluster Set Smith Machine Shoulder Press(135lbsx10, 155lbsx5, 135lbx5x3)
    Note: 135lbs felt easy at first so i tried 155lbs which was considerably tougher, than 135lbs the last three sets.

    - 5x8-10 Face Pulls(12)
    - 4x8,6,10,8 BB Shrugs(315lbs, 315lbs, 225lbs, 225lbs(slow))

    Note: Everything above felt fine.
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    [Week 8]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 207lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 4x8,8,6 Wide-Grip Pullups(Bodyweight + 25lbs)
    Note: I felt really good this back day and 25lbs felt just right for repping out at. The lift wasn't easy as the last set shown but it went pretty well as I met my goal for pullups in weight, just need to focus on increasing the reps until I'm ready to move up more in weight.

    - 3x10, 10, 8 Dumbbell Rows(100,105,110)
    Note: I actually decided to increase the weight on this lift quite a bit after becoming comfortable with 100lb rows, I went up to 110lbs on the last set which felt about right. Moving closer to my goal of 125lbs.

    - 2x8 T-Bar Rows(145lbs)
    Note: This exercise isn't growing on me like I thought it would and I'm beginning to think about instead of alternating it with BB rows that I throw it out completely, at least for a little bit.

    - 2x8 Close-Grip Pulldowns(15)
    Note: 15 on this exercise is pretty high, tried 16 and it was a little too tough for my liking, I'm beginning to think of splitting the two sets of these next two exercises into two different schemes. One built on power(speed, lots of reps and movement, and one on tension which is slower and focuses on recruiting the specific muscles).

    - 2x12,10 Seated Rows(14)
    Note: Same as above.

    -Chest Day-

    - BB Bench(Sketchy)
    Note: I was suppose to move up to a three rep max on this lift today but unfortunately I had overstrained a muscle in my chest from heavy dips the Friday before with certain lifts aggravating the injury through the week before this point that I was unable to bench too heavy this day.

    - 2x6-8 Declined DB Bench(75lbs)
    Note: I was keeping with the deload on this lift and because of my chest injury I wasn't going to rush into any heavier weight.

    - 3x8,8,8 Inclined DB Bench(65lbs, 65lbs, 70lbs)
    Note: Same case with this but I felt much stronger on this lift, my chest injury still bothered me.

    - 2x10 DB Flies(45lbs)

    Note: Felt fine

    - 1x25 Cluster Set(4x Plates)
    Note: This went fine despite my injury.

    -Leg Day-

    - 3x3 Squats(255)
    Note: Working on the 5/3/1 progression routine, these worked great.

    - 2x5,8 Leg Press(5 plates)
    Note: Working from the 4 plate deload point, these felt pretty good as well.

    - 2x8(Bodyweight, 45lbs)
    Note: I'm really starting to get the hang of lunges and appreciate the movement better.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions(110, 140)
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)
    B]Note:[/B] All this felt very fine and went very well, I slightly overdid it on the leg curls and extensions need to learn to readjust the machine better. Solid lifts though.

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x10 Dips(Bodyweight +45)
    Note: Due to my injury I decided to mainly just see how 45lbs felt to not agitate it more, 45lbs felt fine, though it did agitate it some it didn't show any risk to worsening the injury. I was also getting sick at this point.

    - 3x8,8,6 BB Curls(115lbs)
    Note: Met my final goal this day, was tough, not the greatest form but limited back movement. The lift put a lot of pressure on my wrists which hurt throughout the day.

    - 1x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(50lbs)
    Note: This lift really does well for my triceps but it also works the stabilizers which may have been the downfall of the tendon-popping accidents suffered in my left shoulder twice back in the Fall.

    - 1x10 Kickbacks(55lbs)
    Note: This lift is becoming too easy and I believe it may be to the point where I need to truly focus on my form to make sure I am not compensating to push more weight.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(55lbs)
    Note: Tough but solid lift, somewhat swinging but definite contraction involved.

    - 2x8 V-Bar Pushdowns(15)
    Note: These were tougher this time around than what they were the week before.

    - 2x10 Preacher Curl DB's(40lbs Both Arms)
    Note: Really trying to focus on the contraction and movement of this lift and evening out the strength and size of my arms through this lift. I may have some issues in going the full movement, I tend to not completely extend my arm and I may decrease the weight and work on that and gradually move up from there.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,10,10,10)
    Note: Very tough but manageable.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x8, Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(135lbs)
    Note: I just wasn't feeling this lift that day, was a day after being sick, this lift also was a pain for my chest.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(50lbs)
    Note: Beginning to really like this exercise, trying to focus on not swinging too much though.

    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(12)
    Note: I just focused on doing 12 and completing the movement this time around, the exercise felt fine.

    - 1x15 Rear Flies(140lbs)
    Note: Pretty tough

    - 2x12 DB Shrugs(100lb)

    - 1x25 Cluster Set Smith Machine Shoulder Press(135lbs)
    Note: Felt fine

    - 5x8-10 Face Pulls(12)
    - 4x8,6,10,8 BB Shrugs(315lbs, 375lbs)

    Note: Everything above felt fine.

    Diet-wise, I started back trying to eat clean foods, the transition is tough as is making sure I get the right foods in at the right time. It may take time to readjust.

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    [Week 9]

    Wednesday Morning Weight: 207lbs

    -Back Day-

    - 4x8,6,6 Wide-Grip Pullups(Bodyweight + 25lbs)
    Note: This didn't feel quite as well as last week but I managed the best that I could. It may have been because of recovering from being sick that past weekend.

    - 3x8, 8, 8 Dumbbell Rows(110)
    Note: As one of the lifts of which I have steadily increase more and more upon, I did 110lb very nicely this time around.

    - 2x8 BB Rows(185lbs)
    Note: After how great BB rows felt this week around, it had been decided, no more T-Bar rows for me.

    - 2x8 Close-Grip Pulldowns(16,12)
    Note: This week was different, I did one set with power(no body swaying though), at 16 focusing on moving as much weight as I could. The next set of 12 was slower and more concentrated recruiting my biceps and lats during the lift. The second set was hardest because since it was 10 reps and slower there was more time under tension.

    - 2x12, 10 Seated Rows(14,10)
    Note: Same as above.

    -Chest Day-

    - 3x10 BB Bench(145)
    Note: These felt awful, eventhough it was much lower weight being the deload week, my chest injury had not healed and this lift made it much worse. I could actually hear a ripped sound in my chest through the lift.

    - 2x6-8 Declined DB Bench(80lbs)
    Note: Same as above.

    - 3x8,8,8 Inclined DB Bench(55lbs)
    Note: I went down in weight due to the pain in my chest and to try and not cause as much pain in my chest, I just ended up ending the workout early due to this.

    -Leg Day-

    - 5/3/1 Squats(225,255,275)
    Note: These worked really great and I estimated my 1 rep set to 275lb which was fine. Afterwards I put 315lbs on the bar and sat the bar on my shoulders to see how the weight felt since that was the most weight I've ever put on my shoulders, it felt fine so I decided I would try to squat it for 1 rep. My first try I went down past parallel and halfway up before failing back down, second set I went to parallel and suffered the same outcome. So I still need to gradually work up to 315lbs.

    - 3x3(315lbs)
    Note: I decided to just do a 3x3 deadlifts of 315lbs today and I really like the feel of deadlifts now and I find them to be crucial to my workout at this point, for that reason I will place them on the 5/3/1 progression routine with squats and do them every week.

    - 2x5,8 Leg Press(6 plates)
    Note: This actually went really well for my final goal in weight on the leg press I think I may set it a bit higher now.

    - 2x8(Bodyweight, 55lbs)
    Note: I'm really starting to get the hang of lunges and appreciate the movement better.

    - Superset: 2x10 Leg Curls/ 2x10 Leg Extensions(110, 140)
    - 1xFailure Seated Calve Raises(4x Plates)
    B]Note:[/B] I adjusted the machines this time and the leg curls felt much better and easier.

    -Arms Day-

    - 3x15 Bench Dips(Bodyweight +135)
    Note: Due to not wanting to risk injuring my chest more I decided to do bench dips with 135lbs in my lap which better isolates your tries without recruiting your chest. These felt fine but I still like bar dips much better.

    - 3x6,5,5, 10 BB Curls(115lbs, 95x10)
    Note: I felt much weaker on this lift, this time around and one reason may be because of recovering from my sickness but I decided to do a clean 95x10 at the end to make sure I hit my biceps well.

    - 1x10 One-arm Overhead Extension(50lbs)
    Note: This lift felt fine and was executed fine.

    - 1x10 Kickbacks(60lbs)
    Note: These were fine but I do think I need to focus a bit more on slowing the movement down and suspending the weight.

    - 2x16 Hammer Curls(60lbs)
    Note: I did 75lbs earlier in the week but this lift felt alot tougher than I actually expected it to be.

    - 2x8 V-Bar Pushdowns(15)
    Note: These felt fine.

    - 2x10 Preacher Curl DB's(40lbs Both Arms)
    Note: These went really good but I may try to go down and focus on do a large range of movement then I have been.

    - 1x50 Cluster Set Rope Extensions(10,10,10,10,10)
    Note: These were alot harder, I felt much weaker this day.

    -Shoulder Day-

    - 3x10 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press(90lbs)
    Note: I worked my way up to 90lbs on this exercise and tried not to go too high because of chest injury and I didnt want to worsen it. Which I didn't this went fine.

    - 2x10 Lateral Raises(50lbs)
    Note: Very nice and I focused on better control this time around, suspending the weight with little swinging.

    - 2x10 Cable Upright Rows(12,10)
    Note: I did 12 but I didn't really power it like I had planned to and managed to just go real slow and nice with it. 10 I did even slower due to the plan for it to be more tension-related.

    - 1x15 Rear Flies(150lbs)
    Note: Pretty tough

    - 2x12 DB Shrugs(100lb)
    Note: These were real slow, very slow.

    - 1x25 Cluster Set Smith Machine Shoulder Press(145lbs)
    Note: These didn't put any real bad tension on my chest thankfully and I went went up in weight on this lift.

    - 5x10 Face Pulls(12)
    - 2x8 BB Shrugs(315lbs)

    Note: Everything above felt fine.

    Diet-wise,This week wasn't too great either.

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    Four Week Summary - A Little Late

    This one is going to be a bit different, I'll just cover the basic information. My lifts have been steadily increasing since the last four week summary. Some basic benchmarks recorded.

    Bench Marks
    - Weighted Pullups are done now.(25lb goal has been reached)
    - 100+lb DB Rows are now being done.(15lbs from goal)
    - Most of the goals have been met and increased upon their previous ones.

    - BB Bench is following a 10/8/5 progression routine.
    - BB Rows are subbing for Tbar Rows
    - Deadlifts will be done weekly.
    - Deadlifts and Squats are following the 5/3/1 progression routine.
    - Clean diet of 4.2k calories on 40/40/20 ratio is being implemened, 6 out of 7 days a week.
    - Cardio/Running Implemented 3-4x a week.(St: 1.5miles Gl: 6miles)
    - Isolation Lifts of the following(Close grip pulldowns, Seated rows, upright rows, lat. raises) will done in this manner. 1st Week Tension, 2nd Week Power, 3rd Week Power/Tension
    - Other Smallish Lift Will Follow this progression routine.(If stalled, decrease weight by 50%, for one week, then decrease weight from original to 10% less and work from there until you stall again)

    Future Plans
    I plan on continuing this routine through the summer and possible cut and see how it handles. I am planning on starting at EC stack in April to aid in fat loss for 6-8 weeks.

    Week 10 will be a official deload week, Chest day will be skipped to aid in the healing process until my chest is fully operating(may gradually increase from smaller weight until this is the case.)

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