So I debated on whether to start a new training log or not and went through with it. I train religiously at least 2 days a week at my garage gym at home, most of the time by myself and don't have alot of time to track everything as far as my progress. I am a powerlifter and have competed in 4 events so far in the NASA fed. My first competition in Novembr 2008 I had a 365 bench press and a 465 or so deadlift raw. My next raw meet in spring 2009 I had a 385 raw bench, did not compete deadlift. My next meet in July 2009 was my best results. I hit a shirted 485 bench and a 517 deadlift, this was my first shirted meet. I actually hit a 502 on bench but got 2 reds and 1 white because my butt came off the bench ever so slightly. This was using a very loose Titan F6 single ply. After talking to several guys at the July meet I was recommended to go to a smaller size shirt but in the Super Katana. I started training in this shirt about a month before Nationals in October 2009 and couldn't get the shirt broke in in time but used it anyways, the results weren't good and I bombed all my attempts because it wasn't broken in yet. My results at home were very good with the shirt, having worked down to a 605 bench off a 1 board.

I have not competed since October 2009 and have really been focusing on my raw strength on my bench. I took almost all of December off to try to recover since my joints were aching so badly, but have been very focused since January and my lifts are better than ever.

FIrst off I want to make mention that I am guilty of trying to do too many heavy singles, rather than putting my reps in. I think it has taken me 3 years to realize this and it has hindered my progress.

My big focus in on bench and deadlift, I never was any good at squats. However, due to some recent medical concerns with rectal bleeding I have stopped deadlifting till I get through some medical checkups to make sure things are alright. I have a real passion for deadlifting so I'm praying that all goes well.

Looking forward I am potentially looking at my first meet in May 2010 and maybe another mid summer and then late fall. I'm hoping to keep my focus and need you guys to help me with any advice you can. I've been a memeber here for several years and have gained a wealth of knowledge from this site. Looking forward to getting stronger in 2010.