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Thread: How long do your workouts last?

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    How long do your workouts last?

    I was discussing this with another guy some time ago. We were looking for ways to help up his conditioning a little as well as make his time more efficient in the gym.

    What we discovered was his training sessions would last 1 1/2-2hrs long sometimes.

    Rest periods between sets as well as various exercises lasted far too long. Once we shortened those up, the sessions seemed to take much less time.

    Over time spent in other gyms, I've noticed this in lots of other guys as well. They do a set and then chat with their buddies for the next 10minutes before they do another set

    So how long do your training sessions last? Do you take a more leisurely approach to your workout tempo or do you spend very limited time between sets and push yourself hard?

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    I've got 45-50 minutes max to do what I need to do, so I lift and get r done. I'd like to have another 30 minutes to do some conditioning work, but I just don't have the time.
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    50-75 minutes. i'm on SS, so 3 exercises with weight amounts that are difficult for me to handle. i typically rest 3-5 minutes between working sets, not to chat, but to ensure i can complete the rest of my reps. each exercise also requires a few warm up sets prior to the work sets. sometimes if i'm in the groove i can be done in as little as 50 minutes. if i'm feeling weak, and/or i do ab work after, it can go as long as 75 minutes.

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    45min to 1 hour. I generally have about 12 to 15 working sets and take no more than 3 minutes between sets. Anything longer and my wife gives me a hard time and my focus starts to slip.
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    I used to rest anywhere between 1-2 minutes for hypertrophy sets and 3-6 minutes for strength. This has recently been reduced to 30 seconds to 1 minute for hypertrophy and 1.5-2 minutes for strength. We'll see how it goes as far as gains.

    I recognized a problem that I was spending too much time resting while in the gym and my workouts were considerably longer.
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    I'm on Starting Strength and it takes me about 50 minutes to complete everything. I'm not messing around either with socializing, waiting on the squat rack, etc.

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    I'm on a 3 week program; first week is 4-5 minutes rest between sets, second week is 2-3 minutes and the third week is nothing but supersets just resting long enough to get my breath back.

    The time i spend in the gym is based on my program. I know almost everyone in my gym, or at least the "non-ego" guys..(you know the guys, when you come into the dressing room or whatever u call it and they look at you like "i'm gonna own you in there" until you take your tshirt off or whatever) can't stand those guys..funny, but can't stand em..anyways, i know everyone but, besides a "hey how you doing" i hardly use any of my breath talking to someone..

    First of all, this is because i like to work my ass off, secondly there are some guys in the gym and seriously they've been their for ages..they lift, they take protein shakes, supps, whatever..but they talk..ALOT..i think i surpassed them all mass/strenght wise in a month or two..

    So yeah..i don't talk much..sometimes when i see someone doing an exercise wrong, i'll point it out..but do big ego's listen? basicly i even waiste my breath doing that..

    Yeah i'm going on and on and on, but..i'm sure alot of people (or at least some) will agree that there are ALOT of people in the gym you can't don't know 'em but, either their talking too much, doing exercises that make you think "wtf dude you are going to end up in the hospital", they are there with their girlfriends and either romancing all the time or trying to impress one another..i like being amongst people but in the gym i live in solitude.
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    50-90 mins that also includes cardio.

    They're days were I train in the am and do cardio later in the afternoon
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    im usually at the gym for 2-2:30 on everyday but squat day. Which im usually there for 3-3:30

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    I typically dont go over an hour. I definitely do not chit chat in the gym. I am there for a reason and I get it done. On my heavy sets (which are most) I do take a couple minutes between sets.
    On bench days I lift with a crew so I end up at the gym for a good couple hours. We bench and then do accy. work. but significant time between sets. Especially when Im in the shirt!/pages/The...32666473422227
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    70-80 minutes including the warm-up. My rest periods are usually 3-5 minutes for heavy compounds (depends how I feel on the day) and about 2 minutes for isolations or higher rep compounds.

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    About an hour. I rest 3 to 5 minutes between sets for my main lift (5/3/1). I rest 1 to 3 minutes between sets on my accessory lifts depending on the intensity. The hour includes warmups, lifts, and some GPP at the end.

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    60-70 minutes. My "nerd watch" has a stop watch which I use to limit myself to 1:30 rest between sets.
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    I tend to rest one song between sets. So that's generally 2-4min. Waiting for racks/benches, finding plates and doing warmup sets all takes a lot of time though.

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    Last year they lasted at least 60 minutes sometimes up to 75 minutes.

    This year the same type of workouts are done in 45 minutes tops( in regards to weight training ). I realized as I am trying to cut out body fat that shorter rest periods will help a little with my goal ( even if its small everything counts ) and it also helps with my conditioning which was pretty bad last year and has improved alot this year.
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    I used to do just as Travis mentioned, which is take way too long between sets. WBB 1.1 starts you out with about 1 min between sets, and then switches to 2 min. I'm so dorky that I actually went to Target when I started 1.1 and spent 7 bucks on a small digital kitchen timer to monitor my rest between sets. I've only seen one other person do that, but he was pretty big so I'm good with it.

    WBB 1.1 takes me between 50 - 70 minutes to do, depending on whether it's upper body or lower body.
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    45min-90min. I time all of my rest intervals.
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    I usually lift with my friends (everyone workouts and makes it easy for spotting one another) and it takes me, depending what I'm working out, 45 mins to an hour and a half. I do like to take a little bit longer between sets and sometimes this equates to chatting with my friends but I feel like I'm more able to complete my later sets with a harder intensity with a longer rest (3-4 mins sometimes)
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    About 30 minutes give or take (not including warm-up)

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    45 minutes to 1 hour.

    I usually workout alone, and also I try to not take too much resting time between sets so I guess I go pretty hard.
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    This is going to sound crazy but, I actually spend about 3 hours at the gym. I spend about an hour playing basketball, an hour on my powerlifting / metabolic conditioning, and I put about an hour in for aquatics. When I leave, let's just say I feel like i'm on dopamine from all of the endorphins i've released. Many people would probably tell me that's too much and to split it up, which I will once the weather breaks in the AM.
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    My times vary a lot. it is actually kinda of annoying. I get stuck helping people sometimes,an unfortunate side effect of knowing people at the gym. Or talking to the opposite sex,I know the gym is for work but I never pass up the next opportunity I get! So between 70min and 120min on the high end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Songsangnim View Post
    About 30 minutes give or take (not including warm-up)
    How frequently do you work out?

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    1-2 hours depending on what im doing. However alot of this time is warm up and rest between sets
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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer View Post
    How frequently do you work out?

    3 times a week usually. But I don't train bodyparts per se. I train exercises/movements. So it could be the squat and chin-up one day, the leg press and bench the next, and the third could be the deadlift and dip.

    My training is centered around full-body movements or major muscle groups. Ab workouts "float" meaning I train them on any two days that I work out on...just not necessarily the same days every time.

    I usually do no more than 8-10 sets per work out. But these are full out work sets (remember I said I don't count warm-up.)
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