So finally, after all these years I got my diet in order, and have had my weight plummet.

5 weeks in to the cut and I've gone from a morning weight of 106.2kg to 95.9. Roughly 23 pounds.

So far I have had 2 cheat meals during the entire time, usually when I had stalled and needed a new motivator. This is when I noticed something...

For instance, about 10 days ago morning weight was 97.9 which I had hovered around for several days., had lasagne for my cheat meal and the next morning wa 99.3, then the morning after 97.1, and the day after 96.9.

I had another cheat meal last night, and am wondering if the same thing will happen.

I am just curious as to why this is happening, obviously it inst fat, but in a sport with weight class, I would like to know how to use this to my advantage.