Hey everyone.
I'm 16 years old and I've been lifting for 6 months now. I am currently facing a problem with the dumbbell shoulder press (seated), which is my main exercise for shoulders. I can press a pair of 66 lbs dbs (yes, the weight may sound weird, but the metric system is used where I live, and I use 30 kg, which is 66 lbs) for 10 reps, with full range of motion ( I touch my shoulders on every rep with the dumbbells). Therefore, this weight is currently too light for me, as I would like a weight with which I could perform 6-7 reps. Unfortunately, the next heaviest dumbbells at my gym weigh 77 lbs (35 kg, an 11 lbs increase), and I can only get them for 3 reps before my shoulders fail. As you can see, I have plateaued, and it is really frustrating me, as the db shoulder press is one of my favorite lifts. What advice do you guys have for me? Any help is much appreciated.