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Thread: Pain, flexibility, and mobility causing strong concern

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    Pain, flexibility, and mobility causing strong concern

    Hey guys,
    I'm not sure how much help I can get here, but I will take any at this point. I'd always like to apologize if this post sounds kind of "bloggy", but I want to be as clear as possible what my situation is. For about a year and a half I have struggled with small aches and pains seemingly all over my body (mainly knees and back) that have made exercising difficult and frustrating. I am only 19 years old, and I am getting very concerned and frustrated with this.

    I'm an avid basketball player and skier, and after playing a few hours of basketball or skiing for a day I basically have to spend 2-3 days without any kind of physical activity because of my small pains in back, knees, and other random places depending on the day. I could definitely push it and work out and fight through the pain, but it doesn't seem worth it. I take great pride in being a good athlete and sports like skiing and basketball are bar none my two favorite hobbies. I had a meniscusectomy in October 2008, and my legs have not felt the same since the surgery. It's difficult to describe but my knees just feel weak and stiff, and there is definitely a strength imbalance within my two legs.

    I've been told (and I agree) that my small aches and pains are from a lack of flexibility and from overuse. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and didn't put any thought into stretching or exercises to work on my mobility. I've tried stretching somewhat consistently, but never with a great routine or really knowing what I was doing. I did physical therapy a bit for my knee, and was told that it was just weak. I've also done Joe DeFranco's mobility drills a bit and never noticed any results. I even went to a few yoga classes, which I think would be beneficial, but my schedule moving back from school to home makes it difficult to attend classes consistently. Yoga classes were frustrating because how tight I am caused me to struggle with the poses, but It seemed beneficial I guess.

    In summary- I'm curious what I can do to get my body to start feeling better and be back to being able to play sports and exercising without feeling too much pain/aches/weakness. I love working out and lifting. But I haven't been able to do it consistently in over a year and it has gotten extremely frustrating. It just doesn't seem right that I am in a situation like this at only 19 years old.

    Thanks a lot guys.

    Edit- If you look at some of my earlier posts/threads here there are a couple videos of my squat form and what not that led to me finding out I had a knee injury, and which caused the initial concern about flexibility/mobility.
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