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Thread: Getting Lean without Cardio!!

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    Getting Lean without Cardio!!

    I just had 2 clients compete this weekend at the Natutal Ohio Championships, one of them being my beautiful girlfriend Nicole, and they did no traditional steady state cardio for the contest prep as 90% of all competitors do out of traditionalism and becaused thats what everyone else does. Ther are better, more efficient, and less damaging ways to get lean for everyday life or contests without doing hours of regular steady state cardio or even too much interval training as well.

    With proper training protocols that include complexes, bi-plexes, tri-plexes, etc... and power training you can burn off the fat with training and not starve it off or by doing cardio 5-7 days a week.

    Nicole placed 2nd in the bikini division out of 16 girls and I had her do a MET/Hybrid protocol for her prep. Estee placed 3rd in Figure and I had her doing a Hybrid protocol, with absolutely no traditional cardio.

    And surprise suprise they had carbs in all meals except last one and they still got lean. More proof that there are better and safer ways to get lean, especially for contests. People need to wake up and step outside the box.

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