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Thread: Is this a smart idea?

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    Is this a smart idea?

    I'll explain before i ask. I go to the gym right after scool, which is at 2:30. I have weight lifting class first thing in the morning in scool. What i wanted to know was, can i do the workouts i have planned for the gym in weightlifting class also. For instance, if monday is chest and tris, can i workout my chest and tris in the morning and then again later in the day when i go to the gym? I was thinking maybe doing high rep and low weight exercises in the morning and then high weights with low reps later in the day. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. What do you think?

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    Seriously? Twice a day? You might want to look up the word "recovery." It's one of the things that actually makes you stronger and grow.

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    I think working out twice a day is too much. Just do your workout in your weight lifting class, that's what I used to do.

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