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Thread: Calves Like Whoa! - Newsletter Mini Article

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    Calves Like Whoa! - Newsletter Mini Article

    by Mike Scialabba

    We all know a thick set of diamond cut calves can bring about a good deal of positive attention, especially being we rock shorts for a large part of the year, and never rock speedo's. Ripped up quads and hams are nice, and we should always put our efforts there first and foremost, but lets not forget about our vanity!

    Whether you throw out the compliment or not, you know you recognized a mean set of calves when you see them, and we've all spent mindless, seemingly wasted sets on trying to get them to “pop” out, with no real success whatsoever. But as our efforts fail, we continue to try in vain!

    Now here is a great set of calves!

    So let's stop considering the option of implants, and try these 3 methods for getting our calves to cut glass for the summer.

    1) Every training day begin your routine with one highly explosive movement, ie. Hang Clean, High Pull, Box Jump, or Broad Jump. Perform multiple sets of short reps, like a 6 x 3.

    2) During odd training days perform a set of weighted single leg standing calve raises for 15 reps/ leg, between every set you perform throughout the workout. During even training days perform a set of seated calve raises with a heavy load for 6 reps between every set you perform throughout the workout. Static stretch the calves rigorously after each set for about 15 seconds.

    3) On off training days, spend 15 minutes on the jump rope going back and forth between two footed jumps and single foot alternating jumps. Afterward perform a 30 minute brutally steep incline walk. Finish with a thorough static stretch.

    Try that for six weeks and then allow your calves a small break. Remember to always start with some soft tissue work by rolling a tennis ball through all aspects of the calve; lower, upper, lateral, medial and even into the Anterior Tibialis, aka “shin muscle”. Always follow your rolling with dynamic mobility, prior to beginning your weight training!

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    Thanks for this...I'm really going to try this stuff out my calves are severely lacking in appearance :P
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    good mini article. I have been doing nelson montana's rest/pause calf routine and that kills! also been seeing solid results from it;

    choose a calf exercise (standing, seated, donkey, etc.) that you can do for around 20 reps. After 20 reps, pause for 10-15 seconds and do as many as you can. Keep doing this until you hit 75, and if that's not too hard go to 100.

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