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Thread: need chest help

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    need chest help

    can sum 1 please give me a good chest routine?
    i do the following....

    1.incline db flyes.................18 pds-------12-15
    28pds 10-8
    32pds 8-6
    36pds 6-4
    2.seatedmachine bench press 65kg 15-12
    70 kg 10-8
    80kg 2* 8-6
    3 pec dec 55 kgs 4*15 -12

    i do chest 2 times weelk with legs and back.....sqauts and deadlifts,my legs ae ok and so is my back but in spite of this heavy chest rouint my chest particularly my uppoewr seems to lag...HELL lags miserably

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    Dude, you do chest back and legs all on the same day, two times a week? What is your routine like other than those days? If I were to just try to help out this routine, I would say that you need to...

    1. Drop the pec dec and just to the flyes
    2. Add a pressing movement that does not involve a machine (DB or BB press)

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    dude, you need to trash your whole routine as it is right now...
    go something like: legs back/bi chest/shoulders/tri's for a split. Go 6-9 sets for bigger parts, 1-3 for smaller parts. Stick with heavy compound movements.


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