Hi guys, a little help/input if you would be so kind:

I have only ever previously peaked for meets using either linear periodisation (so reducing reps and increasing the %'age as you get closer to a meet) or Sheiko style training (hitting 95% 3-4 wks out then tapering vol and intensity down towards the meet).

This cycle out I am trying ME days for the first time. I am conjugating the periodisation and rotating excersises every week. What i am unsure of is how guys peak for meets with this method.

I mean, you're hitting maxes every week anyway, so its not like you need to cycle up the intensity and reduce the volume is it? Also, i would personally feel uncomfortable if my last sq before a meet was (say) to a box with a SSB.

I have 2 meets coming up, one raw and one eqp.

I figure for the raw one, i hit a max full ROM DL maybe 3 wks out, a max full ROM sq 2 wks out, then just hit my openers on sq and DL the weekend before the meet? Then deload the meet week?

I have NO IDEA how it's supposed to work with equipment. This time out i will have new, tighter kit to break in too...

Any help on either the raw or eqp programming would be appreciated.