My name is Mike. I live in Colorado Springs Colorado. My team is called SoCo Barbell. We currently have 5 members and 4 or 5 guy that show up about half the time.

I've been training almost 3 years. My best lifts when I started where a #315 squat #275 bench and a #365 deadlift raw at #180 pounds. I'm 6' 2" and now #225 competing at #220. My best gym lifts drug free and single ply are #655 squat #425 bench and #600 deadlift.

I have only competed in NASA. My best meet lifts are #575 squat #424 bench and a #601 deadlift. I am currently training for the NASA World Cup meet in August.

I trained using the Westside template almost the whole time I've been lifting. With the help of Shawn Frankl I have recently started using the Big Iron style and am very pleased with it so far.