Hey guys, this is my first training log on Wannabebig, I'm 20 years old, currently training for a strongman competition, but always training to just be as strong as possible. Gym lifts are: Bench 335 x 4, Deadlift: 625 x 1 (with more in tank), Squat: 405 x 10, 475 x 2-4, Log Press: 255 x 2, Strict Press: 205 x 5

I have recently done farmers walks with 350 lb in each hands during event training and am getting used to the stones, having done them two times so far ever.

I am 5'10-5'11ish, weigh between 210-220 depending on day/time right now. I am currently following a carb cycling rotation that gives me 2 high days/week, 2 moderate, and 3 low days. The high days fall on my ME lower day and my event day, with the carbs coming in around 2 x BW on ME lower and 3 x BW on the event day. All other days have relatively lower carb amounts.

Goals for gym lifts include a 675 deadlift, 550 squat for 2 reps, 405 bench, and 300 lb + log press.
Goals for strongman are load heavier stones, and get overall better at all events.

Somewhat of a long introduction, but thats all. I'll post this past weeks training just to show what I do.