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Thread: Need help and fast!!!!

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    Need help and fast!!!!

    Okay well I'm looking for a workout that will help me increase muscle mass in my upper body and lower body. In the workout I need the workout, number of sets and reps, and how much weight to put on each. I will be off to college in 5 months and I need to gain some muscle fast. Moreover can someone put up pre and post workout supplements that I should take from GNC?


    17 years of age
    Bench max=150
    Deadlift max=225
    Squat Max=180

    Please someone help me. The faster I get a good workout the faster I can start.

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    I think rippetoes would be good for you. Read the stickies

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    From GNC? I wouldn't buy a stick of gum from GNC. The kind of workout your asking for is going to come from a personal trainer, watching you in person. There are all kinds of workouts out there, several here that do wonders for those young lads starting to actually give a damn and working out. If you've never done a routine, try the Wanna Be Big routines here under the training section, at this point, you could lift a baby every day and see gains.

    The important thing to realize here is that it's going to take longer than 5 months. It's a life changing decision. What is your diet like? No supplement is going to "give" you muscle, they do just what they're called, supplement a good work out and diet to maximize gains. Read around here bro, look at the stickies and check out the workouts in the training section. Good luck, and welcome to WBB.
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    First of all - eat. Eat like crazy. If you already think you eat alot, you don't - eat more. No matter what the routine is, if you don't eat enough to support muscle growth, you won't get bigger. Drink lots of milk, as well. At your size, you could easily do 3500 + cals a day. You'll be full all the time until your body gets used to it, but stick with it.

    I'd look into doing Starting Strength (mentioned above as 'Ripptoes'). Read the stickies. It's quick and basic and if you eat enough you will get bigger and stronger.

    There's no real need for supps; especially from GNC. They'll rape you on the price. Take a good multi-vitamin, get some protein powder (check out At Large Nutrition's Nitrean) and that's about all you really need. If you want to take other supps, check out At Large Nutrition, as well.

    As Mark! said, though, it's a life change. Once you get into it, stick with it, don't quit just because you hit your goals.
    Give chalk a chance.

    49 years old

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