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Thread: my progress so far....

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    my progress so far....

    I've been doing SS for 3 months now, with great results. My weight shot up more than i thought (from 156 to 190!!!) I feel like I'm getting to the point where i should cut now. i m 5'6 weigh 193lbs i gained mass mostly around the gut ,waist and buttocks. ive added some calestetics to my routine...

    Squats 3x5 110lbs
    Deadlifts 1 x5 120lbs
    Bench Press 3x5 100lbs
    Chin ups 3x3 (i increase the reps every workout)
    Incline push ups 3x10

    Squats: 3x5 Same as above
    Overhead Press 3x5 90 lbs
    Powercleans 5x3 100lbs
    Dips 3x10

    Squats 3x5 110lbs
    Deadlifts 1 x5 120lbs
    Bench Press 3x5 100lbs
    Hanging leg raise 3x3 (increase rep every workout)

    I was thinking of lowering the amounts of squats im doing because it's making my waist/buttocks larger in proportion to my body maybe 1x5? or leave it off completely. Keep in mind that i'm doing this alone. I ain't got the money to be part of a gym right now (unemployed) I was thinking about increasing the weights but I only have 130 lbs of weights, a barbell, a pull up bar, adjustable dumbells that can go up to 50 lbs. and I'm short on money right now so i can't buy new weights yet.

    What other exercises could I do to tone up or cut with that situation? You guys in the wanna be big forum are the only advisors i've got rite now in need of ur expertise for this also how important is it to tone up before starting weight training? Does it matter if you're going to lose that definition by gaining weight anyways?
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