i'm trying to improve it. in addition to static stretches, i recently started doing "Joe D's Agile Eight"


one of the drills, rollover into "V" sits, is causing me pain.

for visual reference, it's the first drill in this video:


when i throw out my legs while rolling forward, my hip joints pop like crazy. it kinda feels like there's little rocks in the hip joint and the bone is grinding on them as it rotates. anyways, it hurts kinda bad (and it stays with me as a dull ache for a few hours), i guess i'm wondering if it's something that will go away if i continue stretching, or if it's a problem that i shouldn't mess with. i had a similar experience with side lunges a while back, and the popping went away after a few weeks of doing them, but then it was never near as severe as it is with this stretch. for the record, i've been doing the agile eight for about a week and i wasn't really worried about it until today cuz the pain has been progressively getting worse.

whacha think?