So I am going take ya back to when I started to bench. First off I had two horrible experinces growing up trying to workout. First one I was about 7 years old. I saw a video of Hulk Hogan and I thought man I want to be as big as him. So I thought it would be a good idea to get the two milk jugs in the fridge empty them out and fill them with water. Common sense to a 7 year old is milk weighs less than water. DUH!
So I filled them up went outside and started lifting them in all different angles. It wasnt long before my Mom looked out side and saw me lifting these realized what I had done and she may or may not have whooped my butt.

My second exposure came at about 10 years old. I was with my dad. He had a weight bench in the garage. I asked him if I could use it. He said, "No." Yea ok dad. As soon as he left and went inside the house I loaded the bar laid down and tried to bench. Well the bar came down to my chest and I couldnt move. I had to scream for help after several attempts at trying to move it. My dad ran out and lifted the bar off of me. I may or may not have gotten my butt whooped.

So here I am entering middle school two very bad experinces with lifting and I find out that I have to take a lifting class instead of P.E. I just had a surgery my last of 18 and I would be in a wheel chair for most of the year. Not only do I not want to lift but I dont want to be in a wheel chair. So first day in class I kind of just watched everyone and what they were doing. There was basically a Lat pull down, tricep pushdown rack, smith bench press, and a leg press machine with a dip bar behind it. The instructor was a fat bald know it all coach. A friend of mine dared to see how much I could bench. Of course I am not super bright I laid down and started to bench pretty close to my max with no warm up no work up sets. Just go heavy. I did way more than anyone else. I only did like 225lbs or something similar. Pretty good for a 12 year old.

The teacher pulled me aside after class and said I dont want to see you do anything like that again. You are not impressive and you will never bench more than me. (He only benched 315lbs on a smith machine for one.) Now back than that was impressive to me now it is not. The teacher went on to say that I need to follow the program and no worry about my max bench.....

Later that day I told my Mom what had happened. I told her I was mad that someone said I cant do something I know I can do. She told me the most valuable thing I needed to hear. PROVE HIM WRONG.

Through out the year I worked as hard as I could. I had no idea what I was doing but I worked my tail off. Towards the end of the year I was easily benching 225lbs for 10 and thought it was time to try 315lbs. I waited until the teacher was distracted loaded the smith machine and a buddy standing by and pressed it. Fuck ya I did it. The teacher came over becuase several students began to make a big deal about it. The teacher asked me did you do that. I said, "Yes." He asked me to do it again in disbelief. I cranked out another rep. Eat that you fat P.O.S is what I was thinking but didnt say. He said good job and walked away. I knew that I defeated him.

Going through 8th grade and starting high school I lifted all the time. And I love it. And to this day I think just before a big lift someone there at the gym doesnt think I can do this and that is what helps push me to get better.