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Thread: shoulders and biceps.. need help

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    shoulders and biceps.. need help

    i am currently using the wbb #1 routine. I have been using it for 9 weeks now, but i have a problem. On arm day, which includes shoulders, triceps and biceps, i am having some problems. For shoulders i do military presses, seated dumbbell presses, and lateral raises. Well for the last 4 weeks my military presses go up and down.. one week my first set will be 6 reps, next week 7, then the week after 6.. back and forth. However, my seated dumbbell presses continue to increase by a rep or two each week. Should i be concerned about the militaries?? its really pissin me off. Also i seem to have stopped progressing on my biceps. I was thinkin maybe its cuz its the last thing i work for that day and i can feel they are a little fatigued by the time i get to them. But on the other hand, i have been doing them last for 8 weeks now and was progressing in the beginning. I only do 2 sets of barbell curls for my biceps. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.


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    don't worry about it....probably just the prefatigue...


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