so i have a gym rant to share. also wanted to see if you guys have had any similar experiences.

as im sitting on this bench resting before i do my second set of DB presses i notice some guy come down the steps to my gym. following right behind him is apparently his woman. i would say they were both in their late teens. and you know how you can look at someone sometimes and say to yourself "that guy is a d-bag"... well, he fit the description to a tee. my gym is in the basement of a very small community center. of all the people who have memberships here i would say i know 95% of them. so when a new person comes in it grabs my attention. i give him a nod hello as im listening to my mp3 player and he looks right at me but ignores me. then his girls looks at me and gives me a pretty dirty look. i dont let it bother me and continue with my workout.

after finishing my set i put my DB's back on the rack and sit down to rest for a minute. well, he goes over to the DB rack and grabs the ones i was just using for my presses. they were 70 lbs each. he takes them off the rack, of course pausing beforehand to roll up his shirtsleeves to reveal his toothpick arms, and attempts to curl them. his attempt was...........unsuccessful. but he still threw the DB's down to the ground like he was some kind of bad*** and then him and his girl turn and mug the **** out of me. it doesnt bother me in the slightest. so i set up my BB to do my deads and the whole time hes talking to her telling her how much of a "beast" he is, and all this crap. yet he isnt lifting any weights. hes just sitting on a bench telling her how awesome he is. and shes eating it up, all the while continuing to mug me...

as i said before, i have a small gym. so it was only the 3 of us there. anyway, i put 240 lbs on my bar and got 6 reps on my deadlift. i am fully aware this is not an impressive amount. but, i wasnt TRYING to impress anyone. i was continuing MY WORKOUT peacefully. i guess he thought i was trying to show him up in front of his girl because she was watching me as i did it. i did nothing to try to attract her attention. she just happened to watch. so i walk over to sit down on a nearby bench and rest and this toolbag walks over to my bar. as hes still talking about how "beast" he is, he bends over and grabs it. the girl looks at me, i look at her like "he really shouldnt be doing this", shaking my head no. and he yanks that bar up off the ground about 5 inches with his back breaking right in front of my eyes and he drops it. so i offer some friendly advice.

"dude, you dont wanna do that. you could seriously hurt yourself man. why dont you set up a bar with a little lower weight?"

him - "dawg, im a BEAST! you think this **** is HARD??"

his girl is starting to realize he shouldnt be doing this and is telling him to leave it alone. so he tells her to shut her mouth. at that point i got pissed and didnt care to sugarcoat any longer.

me - "look, your back is ************ breaking! you need to check your ego buddy because if you try that again with that ***** form youre going to snap in half like the twig you are!"

that was after SEVERAL attempts to tactfully tell him he shouldnt try it anymore along with the prodding of his woman. do you think he listened? Nope. he tried to do it again and this time he got a couple inches higher but then dropped it and let out a very loud expletive. then.......... he crumbled to the floor......... clutching his lower back............ writhing in immense pain...............

my reaction? i rolled the bar away from his body laying on the floor and finished my second set. it was the final lift of the day so i put all my weights back up.......and looked at him STILL laying on the floor saying "i cant move! my back! ************* MY BACK!"..................and i said "thats why you leave your woman at home. dude, youre a BEAST! you dont need her here! plus its alot more embarassing for you when you make yourself look like a jack***"

i stepped over his body and continued up the steps and out the door. moral of the story - dont hurt yourself trying to impress your woman.