Regarding the question about supplements, we know what supplements are and what they do. They SUPPLEMENT a proper diet and training regimen. The RIGHT supplements (and at AtLarge that is all we sell, products that actually work as claimed) will give you incremental gains above and beyond that you could achieve without them. So, our HCT-12 program will provide excellent results without the use of any supplements (just like my 30 lbs to your bench in 30 days program), but if you do decide to incorporate the recommended AtLarge supplements you will realize even better results. The decision is yours. Frankly, if I were doing the program and my budget was really tight, the one supplement I would be sure to include would be RESULTS.

When this thing launches it is really going to take WBB into the stratosphere as far as online sites go. It is an amazing program without the b.s. spin that so many other companies choose to employ. In a nutshell, it encompasses all of the values Daniel and I have always shared about this site and AtLarge: no b.s., effective advice and products that will get you exactly what you want in the gym, or on the field.