We are really pleased to announce that Results is back!

We really appreciate everyone's patience whilst we have been out of stock. As some of you will know there have been some complications with previous batches of Results, so we wanted to take our time and make sure everything was right from now on (to show our appreciation, we are running a 7 day T-shirt offer - see below for more details).

New Flavour - Tropical Punch!

The old Cherry and Orange flavours are now gone and we have a new flavour - Tropical Punch! Part of the reason for the delay in bringing Results back was because we wanted to come up with a flavour that would really wow you and we believe the new Tropical Punch will do exactly that. It's nice and fruity and sweet, but not too sweet!

Small Change in Formula

We would get feedback from customers from time to time letting us know that they felt the 80 grams of Dextrose per serving was a little high. The Dextrose is an important part of the formula because it is this carbohydrate that spikes insulin for optimal use of each gram of creatine ingested.

However, we wanted to take on board the feedback and after some careful review we felt we could back the dextrose down to 50 grams without a negative effect, so this is exactly what we have done. Each serving now contains 50 grams of Dextrose per serving, in turn also reducing the calories from 320 to 200 calories. Apart from that, the formula remains unchanged and you can see the new label here - Results Label

New discount for ordering 2+

We've added in a discount for ordering 2+ tubs of Results. Order 2 or more and you will get them for $44.95 each! (as opposed to $49.95)

Free T-Shirt with every Results order (for the next 7 days)

To apologize for the previous issues with Results and also to show our appreciation for your patience whilst is has been out of stock, we are going to be throwing in a free AtLarge Nutrition T-Shirt with every order that contains Results for the next 7 days. This applies to all order up until Midnight, Friday 9th April, 2010.

If you want a specific size (we do S, M, L, XL and XXL) just let us know in the additional comments field, otherwise we'll just include an XL.

Lastly, Chris and I just want to say thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

Daniel Clough & Chris Mason