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Thread: How do you do Reverse Hypers?

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    How do you do Reverse Hypers?

    Do you simply try to get the weight up so that your body forms a straight line,

    or do you do that in a slow/controlled motion and try to hold it at the top for a second?
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    You can do it either way. The main thing is to keep tension on your muscles and not let momentum completely take over. Even if it's not possible to pause the weight for a second at the top, simply attempting to do so should work everything adequately. If you are in doubt, start with a lighter weight until you get the hang of it.

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    It depends on the goal, however you don't want to go too slow because one of the aspects of the Reverse Hyper that works so well is when the weight pulls you forward and relieves spinal compression

    When you swing the weight forward, allow it to go just far enough so you can see the weight plates (since your head should be tilted down when the weight comes forward, up when the weight goes back) then start swinging it back

    When swinging the weight back, swing it just high enough to get your body straight, not higher. When people get super agressive with it and raise the weight too high, the tension shifts from your spinal erectors to your lumbar muscles and you don't want to be tooling around with that.

    Pausing at the top isn't really going to add to the benefit of the movement

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