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Thread: 5/3/1 assistance exercises?

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    5/3/1 assistance exercises?

    how does this look for assistance exercises for 5/3/1? I can't wait to start this program this upcoming week!!

    I have lifted 3 days a week since i started lifting again 5 months ago and my split is Tues/Thurs/Sun. Should I have my 4th day on Fri/Sat if i can or would any day be acceptable? If my schedule permits, I would love to have it on Saturday but i don't think that is an option so i'll probably try to stick with Friday. However, if none of this works should i do it 3 days a week and deload the extra week instead?

    Anyways, here are my assistance exercises. I didn't want to put front squats/SLDLs on the same day, but maybe i should? Most of these will be higher rep exercises besides the dips and chins which i will probably be doing weighted

    Squat day- Lunges, *pretty light* stiff legged deadlifts, calves, abs.
    Deadlift day- Pullthroughs, *pretty light* front squats, Abs
    Bench day- Flat DB Bench, DB Row, calves, CGBP
    Military day- Dips, Chinups/Pullups, DB Skull crushers
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