I started watching the show and have really liked it so far. Last Friday was the 2 hour premiere and last night was the next episode.

It's a little different than most of the "health nut" type shows on television in that it's not really going to any extremes and there aren't really any games being played. Of course, he ends up using some extreme examples to get his point across when the subtle stuff doesn't work but, overall, it's a really interesting idea.

For those that don't know, he's in Huntington, WV, the unhealthiest/fattest city in the country where his biggest mission is to get schools to serve real food instead of frozen and precooked garbage. This is to give kids the opportunity to make good choices. If the only choices are pizza and hamburgers, not only do both those options suck, but the kids don't have a chance to learn what real food is.

If fries are considered a vegetable according to school guidelines, there is DEFINITELY a problem with the system. There were 10 year olds that didn't know how to use a knife and fork properly. When he showed kids real vegetables, they couldn't identify them. First graders that had never seen a potato that wasn't cut up and deep fried? Something's wrong with that.

In all, it's a pretty interesting show. I'm sure mrelwooddowd is really familiar with it, actually living in WV.