ok we all know a calorie is a calorie, and due to calories in vs. calories out if you have a deficit in calories you are going to lose weight, that doesnt matter if you are eating all your calories from table sugar or if you have a good diet from 50/30/20 protein/carb/fat breakdown made up of teh proper foods to fulfill these requirements. well with this in mind i have a few questions:

1) ok i know calorie in vs calorie out rules, but why? if you require 2500 calories for maintenance, and you are eating 500 below to lose weight, if you are eating 2000 calories in sugar wouldnt this lead to a big insulin spike thus when you are inactive all the glucose would be sent to adipose tissue? so how do u lose weight? is it when your body requires energy it goes to breaking down fat tissue first and thus the fat gain from earlier meals is ultimately broken down and used as energy? otherwise i do not get it.

2) if calories in vs calories basically outlines if you are going to gain, maintain, or lose wieght, then what is your opinion on eating one "cheat meal" we would call it each day if you are maintaining or bulking, i mean you are still getting in 5 meals a day of proper food to lead to an anti catabolic state or anabolic to lead to muscle growth, thus do u think it is ok to have one meal a day that would be considered a cheat meal to us if u r maintaining or bulking IF THE CALORIES REMAIN THE SAME WITH THE DIET YOU SET UP. with this what about cutting down, does one meal really play that much of a significance?

3) if your calories and macronutrient breakdown are in check, does it really absolutely matter that you eat proper food. does insulin play that great of a role? if you are eating lest say 150 grams protein, 300 grams carbs, and 60 grams of fat from lean protein choices, low gi carbs except postworkout, and healthy fats but caloreis remain the same to the same guidelines with protein choices, high gi carbs and good tasting fats but calories remain teh same, what benefits do we get out of teh proper eating. better muscle growth? i understand the prolonged insulin release, less of an insulin spiike all that, but with calories in vs out does it really make taht much of a difference?