by Michael Scialabba

Every now and then we need to remember, there's a reason the night falls. As much as we like to think it's for long nights of Halo, internet porn and heavy drinking, it's actually for sleeping, which is really good for you.

In fact, it's so good for you, much research suggests:

  • sleep is the most anabolic time period your body will ever undergo
  • sleep elevated growth hormone and repairs tissues
  • sleep decreases stress and improves memory
  • sleep increases the immune system and endocrine function
  • sleep decreases body fat levels by restoring critical hormonal functions
  • sleep regulates a healthy sex drive
  • sleep offers an opportunity to do things you couldn't actually do, like fly- ok, those are dreams, and we live for those right?

What's that? Can't sleep you say?

Try these 3 tips for better sleep, and in turn, better guns and harder abs!

1) Lose the booze before bed.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep quicker, but for some is a guaranteed midnight alarm clock. If you're noticing a consistent awakening a few hours before you should, and you're having a few before bed time, try cutting out the beverages for a few days and see if you start sleeping solid through the night.

2) Turn out that damn light!

We live in a ridiculous world of lights, gadgets, cell phones, ipods, laptops, flat screens etc. Get your room as dark as possible, and if you hear something electrical running that's not your body, shut it off! Consider even turning your alarm clock face down and forgetting about it. It goes off religiously right? Then relax, it'll still go off like it should when it's time to wake up.

3) Try reducing stimulants a few hours before bed.

This includes all stimulants. Caffeine, weight lifting, the movie “Heat”, the movie “Busty Barbell Beauties”, angry phone calls, stressful homework (not an excuse not to do it, just do it earlier in the day like good boys and girls), etc. etc. Try to lend your mind relax. Read something enjoyable, meditate, write, listen to chill music, whatever. Just try to relax and not get excited.

Do what you need to do, but know that better sleep means better gains in the gym, and a longer life. Enjoy!

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