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    Starting Over with Starting Strength

    I've kept a log on this site for over a year now and since I've decided to rededicate myself to the cause I've decided a new log would be helpful. I've tried every means of training from 5x5, to westside, to 5.3.1 to Defrancos WSFSB and Built Like a Badass. All were good but I think they were all too advanced for me. I would lose interest and step away from the gym only to come back and try it all over again. I have a lot of things going on in my life so my time is very limited and most of the time that meant the gym ahd to be pushed to the side.

    However I woke up a few days ago completely upset at the way I look, the way I feel, and the direction my body and my mind have been going in. So I've made a decision to, again, get myself strong and fit. The one thing about doing all the training options is that I know what I like in each and can eventually incorporate them. However my main focus needs to be dropping pounds and getting strong. The best approach, I believe, is to start with the Starting Strength programming. I can move on from there once the time arrives.

    To begin with I have set up goals for myself. I took the idea from another log on this site, so credit for this goes there. They are as follows.

    Short Term Training Goals (within 3 months)
    1. 660 lb working weight total on the squat, bench, and deadlift for 3x5 Goal Met 04/29/10
    2. Squat 225 for 3x5 -Goal met 04/24/10
    3 Bench 185 for 3x5
    4 Deadlift 250 for 1x5 Goal met 04/29
    5. Military Press 115 for 3x5 Goal met 05/01/2010

    Medium Term Training Goals (within 9 months)
    1. 725 lb working weight total on the squat, bench, and deadlift for 3x5
    2. Squat 245 for 3x5 Goal met 04/29/10
    3. Bench 205 for 3x5
    4. Deadlift 275 for 1x5Goal met 05/04/10
    5. Military Press 125 for 3x5 Goal Met 05/11/10

    Long Term Training Goals (12+ months)
    1. 820 lb working weight total on the squat, bench, and deadlift for 3x5
    2. 280 lb squat for 3x5Goal met 05/09/10
    3. 230 lb bench for 3x5
    4. 310 lb deadlift for 1x5
    5. Military Press 145 for 3x5

    Weight Loss goals
    Short Term - Weight under 240
    Medium Term- Weigh under 233
    Long Term - Weight under 220

    I know the majority of these goals may be easy to obtain, however I can always reset my goals when that time arive. Tonight is my first training session. I will update this log later.

    Thanks you.
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