The premiership is the best league in the world right now, followed by La Liga and then serie A. Italian football has went downhill lately, hence, why all the italian teams in Europe did sh*t. Face it dude.

Anyway, Robboe's players to watch during the campaign:

Shay Given (Rep. Ireland) <---- Easily the best keeper in the premiership this season.

Freddie Ljundburg (sp?) (Sweden)

Actually, Sweden will probably be the suprise package of this tournament methinks.

Keiron Dyer (England)

Figo (portugal)

Zidane (France)

Buffon (Italy - goalie)

Henry (France)

Totti (Italy)

Raul (Spain)

There's quite a few Argintine players too, but i can't remmeber any haha.

Beckham & owen (Both England)

Nakata (Japan - Are they in this competition?)

That's all i can think of right now.