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Thread: Bodybuilding "ideal body measurement" Calculator.... Check this out.

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    Iplan Iplan's Avatar
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    Feb 2010

    Bodybuilding "ideal body measurement" Calculator.... Check this out.

    The other day, I found this Ideal Body Measurement Calculator: Body Measurements

    After clicking If you are at the top of the page, look at the list on the left, and you'll see that the "Ideal Body Measurement Calculator" is the 5th calculator down on the left. The calculator appears to be based on an algorhythm generated off the circumference of your wrist. They say it's a starting point, and is helpful in identifying places that are not proportional. Has anyone tried it, and if so what are your thoughts on it and what were your results?

    As of today, My wrists are 7.5 inches around, and that suggests the following "ideal" measurements (in inches) from the calculator:
    Chest: 48.75
    Waist: 34.125
    Hips: 41.4375
    Bicep Peak: 17.55
    Forearm: 14.1375
    Thigh: 25.8375
    Calf: 16.5750
    Neck: 18.0375

    My measurements are:
    Chest: 46.5 (-4.8%)
    Waist: 37 (+9.22% ~ too many M&Ms)
    Hips: 40 (-4%)
    Upper Arm: 15 (-17%)
    Fore Arm: 12.75 (-10%)
    Thigh: 25 (-3%)
    Calf: 18 (+8%)
    Neck: 16 (-16%)

    I added a chest and shoulder measurement, and mine was 52.5 inches.

    My area of weakness is waist (more cardio needed, and less M&Ms), and arms.

    I'm switching to the "Building Bigger Triceps and Biceps" Routine tomorrow.

    How long do you think it'll take to get in line with the "ideal" measurements?

    Also, I've included a poll to see how in how many body areas you exceeded the target measurement (exceeding the waist doesn't count. lol)

    I know it'll take some time to figure all this up, but I found it very informative...... Now, where did you leave your tape meausure?
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    Feb 2009
    i really wouldnt trust things like that, I have girly 6.5 inch wrists yet by far exceed all my calculated measurements. Online calculators like that are rarely reliable.
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    Senior Member waynemeat's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    I've never tried this before but it say’s to me that I’m going to turn into the incredible hulk’s little bro.
    I've always thought I was too big but this calculator tells me I'm not big enough.

    All said, It still appears to generate "proportional" and achievable measurements and I can imagine creating goals from this in the future as a way to boost my self confidence.

    For now my main goals are general health and strength. As a beginner I am going to continue SS for at least another 5-6 months. I want to get the most out of my routine before targeting specific areas.

    Here’s my result if you’re interested (nearest 1/2 inch).

    Ideal body measurements:
    Chest 52
    Waist 36.5
    Hip 44
    Biceps 19
    Forearm 15
    Thigh 27.5
    Calf 17.5
    Neck 19 (WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!)

    Actual measurements:
    Chest 46.5 (+5.5)
    Waist 39 (-2.5)
    Hip 45 (-1)
    Bicep 16 (+3)
    Forearm 13.5 (+2)
    Thigh 27 (+0.5)
    Calf 17 (+0.5)
    Neck 16.5 (+2.5)

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    Become Unbreakable Mark!'s Avatar
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    Dallas Area, TX
    Well I figured I needed to get measurements sooner or later to gauge progress in the future. So here we go.

    Wrist Size: 8.5
    Ideal Measurements are:
    Chest Size: 55.25
    Waist Size: 38
    Hip Size: 46.9625
    Biceps: 19.89
    Forearm: 16.02249
    Thigh Size: 29.28250
    Calf: 18.785

    Actual Measurements are:
    Chest:49 (-6.25)
    Waist:52 (+13.325)
    Hips:48 (+1.0375)
    Biceps:18 (-1.89)
    Forearm:14.75 (-1.27248)
    Thigh:30.5 (+1.2175)
    Calf:21.5 (+2.715)
    Neck:17 (-2.9425)

    Some over, some under. My waist has dropped quite a bit from the 58 it used to be. Calf size makes me pretty happy, biceps are alright, along with forearm. My thighs carry quite a bit of fat, pretty much same ol same ol target areas, waist and thighs have access fat, working on that though. Wish I would have measured everything back in 2007. Dang
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    Iplan Iplan's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by waynemeat View Post
    Neck 19 (WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!)
    I don't get the neck measurement either.... I don't ever remember hearing anyone say, "Arnold had the best neck." lol
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    Father of Three Bosch232's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Lincoln, NE
    Where on your body do you measure "waist" vs. "hips"?
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    Aug 2009
    i have 7.5 inch wrists as well, some of my measurements are close but others are under, i was at a 18 inch neck 2 months ago, but slacking and current training hasnt been as great cause of injury.

    I think hip is biggest part around your glutes.

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Feb 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosch232 View Post
    Where on your body do you measure "waist" vs. "hips"?
    Waist is in between hips and rib cage.

    The only thing i have on par is my waist everything is a inch or two behind neck a few more.... I need to get bigger.

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    Wannabebig Member ebomb5522's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Saw the thread, did it for the hell of it. My wrists are 7.5 inches around.
    These are the ideal measurements.

    Chest: 48.75
    Waist: 34.125
    Hips: 41.4375
    Bicep Peak: 17.55
    Forearm: 14.1375
    Thigh: 25.8375
    Calf: 16.5750
    Neck: 18.0375

    Chest: 48 (same)
    Waist: 34 (same)
    Hips: 39 (-2.5)
    Biceps Peak: 17 (-.5)
    Forearm: 14 (about same)
    Thigh: 28 (+ 3)
    Calf: 15 (-1)
    Neck: 18 (same)

    As of right now, my measurements are about the same as the ones given. Bodyweight is between 210 and 215. Legs are a little bigger, happy about that. Waist has been a little smaller before, but so were all the measurements at that time too. Interesting calculator.
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