just competed in my first meet today and it was a blast! Buddy did a great job hosting the meet, super nice and very helpful. Also thanks to Mike and Bev, they did a great job judging today and they too were of great help for a first timer. The guys from North Georgia Barbell, all class acts. ANy of them were ready and willing to help at any time. I am totally HOOKED! I totaled 1267, which was not bad i guess. Unfortunately I left a lot weight out there on the squat and DL. I guess i can bame that on being a newbie and didnt wanna bomb. This has also motivated me to find a gym where I can train with other powerlifters. A lot of guys were coming up to me and saying, "you have a lot more in you", having training partners im sure would help push me to my limits. I train alone and need the added push. So if any of you know anyone in the Birmingham area, please let me know. Once again, Buddy, Mike, Bev and North GA Barbell, thanks for your help!!
Bench 297.5
Squat 462
DL 507