I think the concept of doing all three bodyparts (biceps, triceps and delts) kind of takes you out of the realm of specialization. Doing 10x10 for three bodyparts would be too much for most, and could not be done for long.

I would recommend you do six-weeks of arm training specialization; six weeks of delt specialization; and then three months of non-specialization training. Arrange your bodypart split so that you are training biceps and triceps together on their own day.

Do a basic biceps exercise (BB Curls, Drag Curl, Incline DB Curl) for ten reps; with no rest do a basic triceps exercise (Lying DB Triceps Ext., Close-grip Machine Press, 45-degree Incline Triceps Ext.) for ten reps, then rest for 90 to 120 seconds before repeating nine times. Twenty sets and you are done. Remember to reduce training volume on the other bodyparts. Change the exercise each workout.

For delts, do a basic delt exercise (Seated DB Press, Wide Upright Row, Hammer Military Press) for ten sets of tens. Although the delt is made up of many different muscles, its impossible (without attaching electro-stim pads) to do a compound exercise that isolates one. The basic concept of a high-volume workout is that each successive rep of each successive set causes more fibers to be recruited (which is assisted by the short rest periods). On delt day (since you are just working the one bodypart), give yourself 45-60 seconds rest max between sets. After your ten of ten your delts should be crushed. Do nothing more than some abs or calf work before calling it a day.

Three days later, let me know if every part of your delt is sore even with one exercise. You will also be switching exercises so if one exercise works side delts hardest with front and rear getting a bit less work, the next exercise might hit front or rear more.

Don't try to overthink things. Sometimes you just need to focus on the right objectives. REMEMBER, IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY DRAGONS YOU KILL, ITS WHO GOES HOME WITH THE PRINCESS. Good luck!

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I read this two days ago and i kept pondering about it..Let's say my shoulders and my arms are somewhat of a "weak" point to me. Would then 10x10 be beneficial for these muscles as well or are they too small to take on such a beating?

And if you can do 10x10 for those muscles, would you limit yourself to only one exercise or more? Since your shoulder for example consist out of different muscles?

Right now i am on PRRS training, so basicly i have one week where i train with around 90% of my max with low reps, second week i suppose is more around 75% higher reps and third week is just superset superset dropset with only 'cardiovascular' rest periods. So for shoulders, should i keep the 'heavy' week the same and for the other two weeks incorporate the 10x10 or?

I hope you can kinda get what i mean, i feel that my arms (biceps) and shoulders are somewhat 'stalling' although my chest, back, legs, .. keep making great gains, i just feel that i have to switch it up a bit for those two bodyparts.