I'm proud to announce that i've officially been sponsored by atlargenutrition and i'm going to start keeping a log on here with my workouts!

Right now i'm not training for anything as i just had a competition about 16 days ago which was my first come back meet after my hamstring injury and i beat my previous total with 2,065lbs raw and got 2,072lbs raw at the meet. Right now i'm just doing light work and maintaining what i have until i start training heavy for my next cycle which is going to be at the end of May. My next cycle will be about 7-8 weeks long of pyramid training up to the meet on July 31st in Dubuque, Iowa where Stan Efferding and I plan to get on the stage together to compete! Here is my training Log from yesterdays workout which was my first squat/deadlift workout back from my meet. I will post my next workout on wednesday with my benching

Weighed in at 255lbs this morning

5 minutes of stretching and warming up

Squats- (with 55lb squat bar)
*Trying out knee sleves for the first time*
Bar x 20
145 x 12
235 x 8
325 x 6
415 x 3
505 x 3 (no belt)
555 x 3 (belt only)
605 x 3 (belt only)

135 x 12 (slow stiff legged)
225 x 8 (slow stiff legged)
315 x 6 (slow stiff legged)
405 x 3
505 x 2
605 x 1

Lat Pull Downs-
200 x 15
240 x 12
270 x 10
220 x 15

Decline Sit Ups-
2 sets of 20 reps

-Everything felt nice and easy today. The knee sleves felt great, knees didn't hurt at all and it helped keep them warm. It gives me that same confidence i have when i have the wraps on, just having something tight around my knee. They do not give rebound like wraps at all, but they do build up your confidence in the hole and allow you to go very deep without any knee pain. Deadlifts felt really easy too, nothing felt heavy at all today. Just getting back into the swing of things here with the squats and pulls, next week i'll go heavier on the deadlift.