OK so a few of you know that Pup and I planned a road trip to go see Spidey graduate yesterday. I told Rob he could plan EVERYTHING, and he did The original plan was to leave Sunday morning, stop and do some shopping, and go to graduation. I called Rob Friday night once I got into town and asked how he felt about going dopwn to Lansing Saturday night to party with my friends and he said ok. Saturday rolls around and Rob said he would call around 7ish to let me know to come over to his place and then we would head to Lansing. Well 3:30 pm my phone rings "Hey Allie, I'm outta work, come on over!" Little deoas Rob know I'm in my pj's watching a movie LOL

SO I pack and get dressed and call him back an hour latter to let him know I'm en route to his house. So my mom gives me a hug and the general drive safe, don't drink too much, and call if you need anything and hands me my new cell phone (with the users guide LOL) So I hop in my truck and drive to Rob's place. I got to meet his mom and stuff, and we got the same lecture from her then got in the car and headed towards Lansing.

To waste three hours in the car I set up the phone list on my cell and called a few random friends in the middle of their graduation that was goin on at MSU. The trip down was good we talked and joked around, sang to the radio, etc. When we got to my sorority house, everyone was gone to graduation, and I had allready turned in my key to the house the day before, so we had to break in I had mentioned I might come down so one of the girls left her window unlocked and I crawled in.

So we chilled at the house for a while, the girls and their families came back after graduation and then we went out to HogShack to party. I had a good time as usual I was a good kid too, only had 6 drinks and kept the table dancing to a minimum. I mean when the party is at a hog farm, there isn't too much trouble to cause LOL Basicly it's a bunch of the kids from the college of agriculture that party together all fo the time. I think Rob had a good time, he always had a drink in his hand, which is a good sign.

SO we left the party at like 3 am. Me, as usual, was a hungry drunk, and Jimmy John's was closed So we went back to the house and ordered pizza. So round about 4 am the pizza guy shows up, and we sit around bull shitting, and head off to bed soon after.

The next morning we were up at 11:30 and ready to go to Spidey's graduation. I'm a little paranoid about finding the place so we get going. Long about the time we get there, Rob and I decided we had no clue where the graduation was at LOL Luckily I saw all of these cars and then a sign, and it was right on our way Thank God for dumb luck. We sat through two hours of graduation to watch Spidey walk across the stage and get his diploma, it was exciting LOL Then we jumped back into the car and headed out to meet Spidey and his family for dinner. We got to the restraunt about 50 mins early and decided to go over to the mall and go shopping. Rob needed a new pair of shoes and I was on a hunt for pink flip flops. We managed to waste 50 mins, and went back over to the restraunt. We had dinner, then headed back across the state for home.

Rob and I had alot of great conversation and are even thinking about another road trip. We are deffinitly going to hang out this summer. All in all it was a SUPER fun trip