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Thread: Swollen forearm

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    Swollen forearm

    Was finishing my workout with a set of curls when a few reps in I felt a tingling in my forearm. Immediately after, my left forearm was swollen and noticeably larger than the right but there was no pain and I still have all my strength. I went to the onsite physiotherapist right away and she said theres no muscle tear or anything because I have no pain and she wasn't sure what it was. I'm icing it right now and if it doesn't go away by tomorrow I'm going to the doctors. Any ideas?
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    Is it hot to the touch, or red?

    My instinct is that it's some sort of infection, but it's pretty hard to say lol.

    Definitely get it checked out though.

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    I would just get it checked out. I wouldn't worry yourself about what you may or may not find on the internet regarding your symptoms.

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    I agree, I would just go get it checked out!!!!
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