Yesterday me and a buddy of mine decided to tack an extra lift onto our field PT session, which included agility drills up a three flight staircase, 10 sets of sprints, six 1/2 mile runs (between sprints/stairs) and bodyweight squats for tabata style intervals. At the end of the day we had some gas in the tank so we tried a drill that he will be having to do once he starts his indoc. for the airforce PJ's program called body carries.

It's normally done in a group. One person is used as a dummy, and hoisted up on the shoulders. The carrier carries the dummy 50 meters, sets dummy down, sprints back to start, pick up other dummy, and repeats. I did this yesterday, and today I feel like I had a fight yesterday... whole body feels bruised up, but in a good way. I highly recommend trying this exercise if your goals include whole body strength and endurance + balance.