Remember how I was 164 and unhappy..... I hit 162 and got frustrated. Started liftin heavier than ever and ate more than I could stand... Now im 165 and im bigger than ever! Guess my body wants to stay this weight but now i have abs arms chest and a back!!

Now I just need help how can I force my body to 200 n not be fat but just gain muscle steadily??

Heres my diet now...

7 eggs 2 servings of oatmeal in the morning
Protein shake 3 hours later
Big steak for lunch
Protein shake 3 hours later
Another big steak or alot of chicken or fish for dinner easy pound of protein here
Protein shake 3 hours later and if im still up I have a snack before I go to bed....

Im suprised im not 1000 pounds but hey 165 n building muscle n still got my abs n cut face?? Ill take it!!

Help me get to 200 though... Still not as big as I want!