I've recently been introduced to the wonderful world of atlas stones, and loving it. Except for the strawberries I get on my forearms after lifting heavier stones. I've been reading up on how to protect my forearms while producing better grip. I'm going to try sports tape and tacky, that way the tacky doesn't end up pulling my skin off just as bad as the stones would, plus gives me better grip from the bottom. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this, or any other method to protecting my arms while helping with my grip? The way it's going now, the sweat from my workout has really altered my grip and power from the ground to my lap. Plus the stone is leaving me with some pretty awesome strawberries on my forearms. The pain isn't bothering me much now, but when I start lifting heavier, and in competitions, I reckon it'd start screwing with my concentration and such. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.