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Thread: Joe DeFranco strongman finisher

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    Joe DeFranco strongman finisher

    Kind of a poor mans prowler.

    Success is achieved by doing a little more than you thought you could, and a lot more than anyone else.

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    If I get the chance, I'll be trying this, looks like fun.
    'Wir wollen frei sein, wie die Väter waren, eher den Tod, als in der Knechtschaft leben."
    "We shall be free, just as our fathers were, and rather die, than live in slavery."

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    I would so do this, except I'd be worried about ramming hte dumpster into one of the cars in our parking lot XD
    Stats: 11/15/07-First-meet--2nd Meet----3rd meet
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    CHINUPS - Bodyweight + 135, x1, dead hang. Still working on the one arm chinup.

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