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Thread: What sucks about dieting

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    Dieting tip: Grocery shopping while severely depleted is a really bad idea.

    I usually have no problems with cravings while dieting, but when glycogen stores are low and you haven't eaten carbs multiple days in a row, your mind starts ****ing with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KingWilder View Post
    multiple tiny meals are not necessary, ever

    I fast 16 hours, and eat for 8 (IF)

    2-3 meals in that time span...really easy to do
    You following leangains?

    I am interested in attempting this. It sounds like you are having some success? Are you cycling fat/carbs on nontraining/training days?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on your 16/8 IF so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raleighwood View Post
    You following leangains?

    I am interested in attempting this. It sounds like you are having some success? Are you cycling fat/carbs on nontraining/training days?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on your 16/8 IF so far.
    About a year ago I did Leangains (paid for diet/training etc.). At the time I didn't follow it like I should have and it fell by the wayside. Now I'm using the same principles but combining it with Paleo and it's working great. I do all my workouts fasted (Purple Wrath right before - as instructed by Martin).

    The only difference in training days vs non-training days is sweet potatoes...Post workout I'll have them in my biggest meal...other days, it's strict Paleo
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    Alright, time to get back on the right track. Along the lines of Invain, I cannot set foot in a grocery store. I'm lucky my wife does all the shopping. She had to stop in the grocery store one day with me in the car. I foolishly went in with her. I was picking up and looking at every item we passed. I'm very impressionable. I just saw a seafood commerical and am craving stuffed shrimp. I am my own worst enemy, but I get some kind of sick pleasure from torturing myself.

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    hahaha kinda along the impression lines, one day after training, one of my groups sat around talking about wings.

    it was my last group of the day and it got me thinking about wings so much, I called my wife and told her we were going out for wings that night. I demolished a ton of them lol.

    So to use the impression thing to my advantage, I try and keep myself focused on why I'm doing what I'm doing. When I'm sittin there eating brown rice and chicken breast, I just keep thinking about why I'm doing it. The health benefits, the realization that this is the most effective way to lose weight and still get stronger and just remind myself of the purpose of the food, to fuel the body, not to taste good.

    All about mind control.

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    Yeah, it's just straight up will power and determination really. At the end of the day your forcing your body to do something unatural and that it really doesn't want to do and it just comes down to how bad you want it.

    Vinny, I am JUST like you, it's a bit of a torture every day.

    My mate invited me out for some food the other night and I declined as I had some chicken and vegetables prepared to cook at home. Come on he said, just get a chicken salad and diet coke at the restaurant. HA HA, Do they really think I wanna ****ing sit in a restaurant eating a chicken salad and drinking a diet coke whilst my friends eat huge meals and drink beers and order dessert. I'll either have a miserable time or just cave in and eat about double my calories for the day in one sitting lol

    The good thing is once you get to your target weight, it won;t require the same effort to maintain. I used to have to fight so hard to get my body below 185 and it kept dipping below and going over. Now I can probably get away with 60% consistency on a week by week basis and my bodyweight stays at 180. It seems to have naturally adapted. So if I did just want to chiill at 180 I could and I would enjoy life much better than at 215 that's for sure. Just a real pain that I want 10% bodyfat so bad so I need to push for 168 lol.

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    As far as intermittent fasting is concerned, it is no panacea. It cannot and will not overcome poor programming or nutrition. I hesitate to call it a diet per se as it acts in tandem with whatever diet you're already on. I encourage those who are interested to do a quick Google search on the topic. The new article I've authored should be a great introduction for folks uninitiated in the ways of IF.

    For what anecdote is worth, I've been using the protocol for over a year. It took about two weeks for my hunger to even out, which seems congruent with published research on ghrelin, the appetite-regulating hormone that determines when we get our stomach rumbles. I eat ad libitum, my nutrition the furthest thing from clean eating one can possibly imagine, and yet still maintain circa 10 percent body fat. When you only have eight hours to feed yourself, it's hard to overeat even when your dominant carbohydrate source is delicious French baguette.

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    It's hard for me to go to the dang store too. I pick up everything and read the label, hoping and wishing it has low carbs. I've been around every ice cream aisle looking at carbs, no luck so far but the day I'll know. It does get easier though. I think if a person can push through those little teases and desires from the food that's not on diet for a while, the temptation goes a little under. I know for me it's gotten easier because instead of LOOKING at each carton of ice cream, I tell myself not to because I already know none are good, therefore I don't tempt myself with them. My wife keeps me on a really short leash at the store too. If I start looking at something that's not on our list, I get the evil eye, and we all know that's not good.
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    Dieting, cutting is bloody hard work. I think about food almost 24/7. And Im not talking about plain chicken, almonds and brocolli if you know what i mean.

    Just think about this - those other people who eat regular takeaways, sweets, junk food and all that cr@p on a regular basis will most likely never acheive what we are trying to acheive here guys. It makes us more powerful to stay strong. It's easy to cop out. That's why 99% do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Clough View Post
    Vinny, just for you...

    daniel thats gotta be the funniest thing i have ever seen on this site i dont know why but when i saw this i started laughing so hard

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