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Thread: The Effects of Proper and Individualized Training and Diet protocols!

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    The Effects of Proper and Individualized Training and Diet protocols!

    As most of you know I had a bodybuilding competition this past weekend and had been dieting and training for the past 14 weeks. I just wanted to shed some light on an issue that plaques the industry, especially in bodybuilding and events having to do with cosmetics. Most believe that you have to and should go to extremes to prepare for a competition or just to get pretty lean and this is not the case.

    Yes it is a challenging endeavor and it takes discipline and hard work vut the extremes I am seeing in the industry is frustrating and causing more damage to a persons metabolism and overall physiology, not to mention the mental and emotional issues that come with it.

    There are better and more effiecient ways to obtain results that don't require hours upon hours of steady state cardio and low to zero carb diets or being in an absolute calorie deficit as opposed to a relative deficit. I get many clients, not just competitors, that have done some extreme things to try and achieve certain goals nad sometime the damage is easily fixed and alot of times it is a work in progress to get their body just to get back to a normal state.

    When going to extremes you actually make your body a fat storing machine and not a fat burning machine and when this happens even when people reach their bodyfat goals and resturn to maintainance diets they gain fat and then they try to diet again only to see it becoming harder and harder to loose the fat and alot of the times they still gain because of the damage they have done.

    I want everyone just to take a step back and open their eyes and really look if what they are doing is helping or hurting them in the long run. You always need to look at the bigger picture and not just 12 weeks from now. A diet needs to be sustainable and serve the body and a Training protocol needs to enhavce metabolic rate .

    I have been off diet and training for 7 days eating pretty freely, not junk, but if I want something i'll have it, and I have only put on 4 lbs from my contest weight. I am not rebounding and just eating junk as most tend to do after a long period of dieting because I didn't go to extermes and I trained the fat off and didn't starve it off.

    I hope people will start opening their eyes to what is going on in thie industry and soo called experts having clinets go to extremes just to win a contest and not looking out for their best interests.

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    I really like your idea of increasing the metabolism instead of drastically reducing calories. It makes a lot of sense in the long term.

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