The last couple of w/o have been lacking, whether it's mental or physical, I don't know why but the thought of eating something as soon as I awake about makes me sick. In the beginning I did eat a banana and drink about 16 oz of water a half hour before my work out but recently (about 2 months) I can't hardly stomach anything when I first awake.

I'm not trying in the least to beat a dead horse but, could you guys/gals recommend something that I could eat as my bed time meal/snack, in addition or other than cottage cheese, that would carry over until post w/o that ends about 5:30 am?

My feeding schedule looks like this on workout day and essentially the same, except for the protein, on
non workout days.

I take 2 fish oil capsules every morning an also drink about 1-1 1/2 gallons of water every day.

5:30-5:45 2 scoops of EAS protein w/ 10-14 oz. skim milk
7:00 2 cups fiber one w/ skim milk
9:30 1-chicken breast with 2 pieces of lite wheat bread
12:00 1-chicken breast or lean beef, 8-10 stalks of roasted asparagus or roasted veg medley,
1 cup of brown rice
3:30 1 meat sandwich w/ fat free mayo, 1 slice of swiss cheese, lettuce on 2 pieces of lite wheat
6:30 chicken, fish or beef, roasted veggies and a starch of some sort ie. pots, sweet pots, rice or pasta
8:30-9:00 1-1 1/2 cups of lite cottage cheese and sometimes w/ fruit, like tangerines.

Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated!

I other question if I may...I have been taking fish oil for about 2 months and from time to time will have breakouts on my skin.. little zits. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and/or is this normal due to the fats involved?

36 yrs old
240 lbs