So im in a personal fitness class, and we are marked according to our 12 minute run, sit and reach test, push ups, sit ups, chin ups. That isnt really whats important to me, getting my strength up is (but my 3 of my tests have been going up as well). So it was going all good till the teacher decided that everyone with 50% or less (which is 2400 meters by the way) on the 12 minute run has to run it 3 times a week (and we only get 3 days a week to work out, which is a problem for me in of itself.) Ive been running the 12 minute run as HIIT, becuase i just hate jogging, which leads me to my first question. If you d HIIT conditioning, does that transfer over well to aerobic steady state jogging. My other question is i am pretty tired after the 12 minute run, but i do have the opprotunity to work out after school, should i do my whole work out after school? I was thinking maybe after the 12 minute run, do a complex and mobility work, then just wait till after school and do my actual strength training.