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    MonStar's HST Journal

    I have decided to start yet another journal. Please guys, I know what is going through all of your minds. Only a few of you will support me, and those of you who do - thank you, I appreciate it. rookiebldr, Blood&Iron, the doc, MarshallPenn, Brittany1016 and anyone who I am forgetting who always support me no matter what I decide to do.

    Anyway I have decided to revisit and a program that I have tried once before. However this time around I am not going to f*cking around with it. Its HST, Hypertrophy Specific Training. You can check out the HST Forums by clicking here, or you can check out the articles themselves on HST, by clicking here.

    I will be giving an outline as usual of my diet, supplements, training, etc. Again guys like your mother has told you - if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. And those of you who are going willing to be mature and positive,
    feel free to ask questions etc.

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